Wedding Dress Dilema

Just wanted some advice from other B2B as I am feelin rather silly! I ordered one of the first dresses that I tried on, confident that it was 'the dress' but have been having second thoughts ever since. To make matters worse I have now seen another dress which I have fallen in love with and feel amazing in so now the first dress seems second best. But as I have already paid a deposit and the second dress is over my dress budget I am really confused??!! Any advice or suggestions would be really helpful! (I have pleanty of time before the wedding so at least that isn't a factor!!)


  • lisa573lisa573 Posts: 63
    maybe see if the first fress shop will order the second dress for you and see if you can change your deposit to the second dress -beg if neccessary otherwise you'll have to see if you can sell the first dress on ebay or somewhere. alternatively how different is the second dress from the first? is there anyway the first dress could be altered? don't assume no talk to a dress maker - i've seen long sleeved dresses become strapless and allsorts!
  • Thanks for the advice Lou-Lou - I wouldn't have thought of trying t alter/ modify the original dress - I will see what the shop suggests!
  • Jo Jo I wouldn't worry about it. I felt exactly the same. I only ordered my dress in December last year (and I get married at the end of the month) so that I wouldn't see something else that I would fall in love with but I still did. I kept on looking at all these new styles that have come out and getting really upset that I wasn't getting married at a later date so I could have picked another dress. However last Thursday my dress came in and my mind is now at rest that I made the right choice after 4 months of worry. Its too late now anyway. But joking apart, honestly it is just nerves getting the better of you making you think have you made the right choice - after all it is a big huge decision we all have to make.
  • missuk1missuk1 Posts: 21
    I agree with Lucinda, its hard not to worry but something made you pick that dress and you should stick to your instinct. I tried on so many i ve lost count and all varieties too but when I found the one i bought i knew it was the one and when you have the fitting with everything else on too you ll know you picked the right one. Good luck x
  • helenwileshelenwiles Posts: 215
    jo jo i ordered my dress over a year ago and cos i altered differnt parts such as neckline and embroidery i was alittle worried that i wouldnt like it, howver tried it on last month and looked better than i ever imagined and like lucinda and miss you need to trust your instincts cos that dress obviously made you feel special otherwise you wouldnt have put a deposit down xx
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