Bigger Sizes

Some advice please - Any suggestions on styles or stockists of dresses that would look good on bigger sizes?

I haven't lost any weight image and am terrified to go try anything on yet, time rapidly RAPIDLY running out so any help greatly appreciated!

This is supposed to be the most exciting bit and i've left it till last, keeps bringing me out in cold sweats, really upsetting....

Thanks in advance guys xx


  • Hi Lexy.

    Just seen on another post that you are getting married on August 1st, so you haven't really got much time to spare. My dress is a Maggie Sottero - I have what you would call an ample bossom so found it quite hard to find a dress that didn't make me look like I had a shelf!! However, and please don't take this personally if you do want to lose weight and quickly I went on a fab diet and lost just short of 2 and half stone in 7 weeks. That was at the end of last year and YES it has stayed off. Good Luck with your dress.

    Lucy x

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  • have a look at the online ebay shops, I'm bigger (hoping to lose it) and have found made to measure dresses for reasonal prices, and can be done quite quickly
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