Wedding dress sizes

Hi all

I am a standard size 12, my dress has been ordered in a size 16 (

Has anyone else had this?



  • MrsVerneMrsVerne Posts: 421
    Yep! I'm usually a 12-14 but they ordered mine in an 18!!! They say this is as it's so much easier to make the dress smaller than bigger, so it's always best to buy bigger (plus, then they can charge you for alterations, how fun!). Don't worry about it, it's no reflection on you.

  • They wanted to do this for me I am trying to loose inches before the end of Feb so I can order a 14 but it doesnt sound good. I was really worried about ordering a 18 or 18 when it was only my waste that was so big. I am going to try and get one that fits my boobs and make sure my waste matches. i have 350 days so there is hope, if only chocolate didn't exist.
  • loureganlouregan Posts: 205

    That makes me feel SO much better as I was told in berketex that wedding dress sizes are 2 sizes smaller than high st so being 16-18 - well i had to order a massive sounding size but then taking into consideration that wedding dresses are so tight fitting with the boning and corsetry its not too bad... But don't worry, don't think about the size and just focus on how fab you'll look on the big day

  • That makes me feel much better, i tried on a 14 in the shop and it wouldn't do up, so they ordered the 16, even though i have lost a stone in weight, it does still fit me (bit big) got 2nd fitting in 2 weeks!
  • sunnySOSsunnySOS Posts: 127
    I'm really confused about sizes too. I'd read on here about expecting to order a dress 2 sizes bigger than your normal dress size but I ended up ordering 1 dress size smaller, work that one out?!?! How bizarre! Think they vary just as much as the stupid high street stores... rant over.
  • thats really odd!!! image
  • hi, its so difficult 'cos all the designers are different nationalities so work on different measurements...the important thing is that it fits not what size it is!!!
  • Ladies, so glad you have had the same experience. I am a size 14/16 and they told me I have to order a size 18/20. I nearly cried. I dont want my dress to have that size ticket in it. I know no-one will see it but I know its there. You are supposed to feel fantastic for the most important day of your life and they make you order a dress 2 sizes bigger than you are - just to make you feel great image
  • It is true that wedding dresses are sized differently, but at the end of the day , it is only a label which they could cut out if you asked them, and no-one is going to know, better to have a dress fitted to form and you are guaranteed to look stunning and beautifully shaped!!
  • jojo1651jojo1651 Posts: 989
    i'm a bit confused too, the BM's dresses have been ordered as follows:

    dress size 4 = normal size 8 BM1

    dress size 8 = normal size 12 BM2

    dress size 14 = normal size 14 BM3, work that out, BM3, my diet buddy is apparantly a size 14 in normal shops!!!! think someone has been telling me porkies!!!!! they are all in same dress from same place.

    then there's mine that's been ordered in a 16, i am a 16

  • I am 14/16 normally and mine was ordered in an 18 which I was gutted about image

    I think its so they can charge for alterations too as I tried a 12 in the sample and it wasnt far off!!
  • Does anyone know what Benjamin Roberts sizes are like? I have an appointment for Friday as they have the dress i want in the sale, only 1 size 14!

    I am usually a 12/14 but i have been told you can be 2 sizes smaller - 2 sizes bigger so fingers crossed!!, hope it fits!?
  • i tied on an amanda wyatt dress in a 14 and it was almost perfect even though i'm usually a 16 - got very confused!
  • Laura12029 I tried on a Benjamin Roberts in a size 12 which fitted me almost perfectly - I'm normally a size 8-10.
  • I've ordered a benjamin roberts dress style 965 i'm a size 10 and on their measurement chart they say that i should order a 10 ordered it in Nov so should be due Marchish...hope it fits, good luck on fri xxx
  • I think it must depend on your shape. If you are an hourglass/pear shape with a small waist then you will probably be the same or a smaller size in a wedding dress because so much of the fit is about the waist. Where as straight up and down types witha relatively thicker waist to their body will have to get a bigger size than normal.

    I'm a 10/12 in high st but am of the straight up an down, narrow hipped but not a tiny waist/chest size so I'm terrified of having to try on dresses in a sz 14/16.I've spent the last 3 years on and off weightwatchers and lost 3 stone so it will be doubly depressing!!
  • I'm a size 12 and the dress I tried was a 14, which may be what I have to order. I have a small waist, but very big boobs, and the top of the dress wouldn't fasten, but was perfect or too big everywhere else, so would have to be taken in. I don't have to order it yet anyway, so i'm hoping to get a little weight off my bust if possible to try and get a size 12.
  • I suppose it depends on the designer, cos where most of you are saying your dresses are 1-2 sizes bigger than your normal size, I'm usually a 12 but my wedding dress is a size 10 (YAY!!!).
  • bevan1982bevan1982 Posts: 813
    I've ordered my dress and was measured at 34-26-38 which they said was a size 10. I've actually been having nightmares about the dress coming back and being too small! x
  • ApeseyApesey Posts: 1,395
    i am about a 10 - 12 but have to order a size 16 - not impressed. didn't think my bum was THAT big, lol
  • Lauz41Lauz41 Posts: 2,582
    hi i am a 14 on bottom but i have 36gg boobs so i am quite top heavy - i knew i was going to have 2 get a bigger dress to fit them and i didn't want 2 know the size incase it was a 20 or bigger or something and depressed me even more! The woman in the shop were lovely and said size didnt matter - based on the dresses i had seen which i liked she brought me a dress to try on which was the only one of that dress which they had in stock and it fitted me on top (actually it was a bit big!) I couldn't beleive it but it was really flattering so i can imagine how it will look when it is altered exactly to fit and i am quite excited to see it - as origianlly i had been dreading goin shopping for a dress as i know the type of problems i normally have ( i only have about 3 dresses in my wardrobe) anyway i asked not 2 know the size and she is going to cut it off for me i am not bothered as it is how the dress looks on the day and how i feel thats importnat not the size - and anyway no one else will know! Also, as it was the only dress in this style that they had they took 10% so although i will be about £150 (maybe more) in alterations all in i got a really good price and i am really happy with it! I wanted a breast redcution but can't afford 2 get one due to how much my wedding is costing now (we don't want loans we want 2 pay everything up front and not get into debt) and unfortunately i have been on the NHS waiting list for about 5 years with no joy! image
  • You all seem to have a couple of sizes bigger. I'm a size 14 and they ordered me a size 20 back in October. I thought it was rather excessive, but they assured me that dress sizes come up small... I tried it on in the shop yesterday & it's far too big around the bust. I haven't got down a cup size or lost weight! My auntie is a seamstress & she's said that the entire dress would have to be unpicked before altering. I would have to pay loads for alterations as they ordered a stupid size. They're quick to take your money, but the after sales service has been appalling. I think i'm going to look for another dress elsewhere...
  • Kathryn1979-where is your pic of? x
  • JuneSukJuneSuk Posts: 25
    All this sounds as thought there is lots of money to be made in alterations, going from a size 20 down to a size 14, that's a massive jump and would think that your auntie could be correct. The whole dress would need reshaping. Best of luck.

  • LollyxxukLollyxxuk Posts: 1,455
    everyone has been telling my you are meant to size up in wedding dresses but every dress i have tried on in my normal size has been too big and i have had to size down??

    why would this be????? i fine it a bit worrying cos no one seems to be having the same issue
  • definitely think it must have something to do with the shape of the dress - i'm an hourglass 16 but because my waist is small and boobs are too big the 14 fitted me great! just shop around for different style and at the end of the day it's only a number on a very small label! it's so much more important to look and feel completely comfortable and gorgeous in your dress!
  • LollyxxukLollyxxuk Posts: 1,455
    i was told that they measure your hips as thats the widest part and then order the dress size according to them as other parts can be made smaller.
  • am size 16, ordered an 18.
  • Iona123ukIona123uk Posts: 292
    Hi Ladies,

    i know this topic hasn't been used in a while, but i'm just so glad i found it. I just ordered my wedding dress today from Berketex and after trying on a sample size 10 in the dress and it only being slightly too tight on the bust but a tiny bit too big on the waist, she measured me up and said she advised to order a 16!. My size 12 jeans are too big at the moment as i've just lost weight through being ill, so i was slightly shocked at this! Is this just so they can alter it down and charge you lots? How much are alterations? My dress has lace all over the front which will have to be hand picked if needed and may cost a fortune!!!?

    I feel slightly ripped off after coming down from my high!!
  • sarahmike79sarahmike79 Posts: 1,866
    Im having my dress made so im quite lucky! i would feel so unhappy if i had to go about 3 siezes bigger! im a 10 which mean i would have to go for a bout a 16/18 it is depressiong!

    But just think the dress will look beaut6iful so it doesnt matter what the size is! no one will know!!

    why cant they maike them normal sizes? xx
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