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Hi girls! I am wondering if any of you have a back-issue of the "you and your wedding" magazine from christmas/winter time? there is a beautiful floor-length, strapless,chocolate-brown bridesmaid dress featured in it, with a rouched design on the skirt and lighter coloured bow which comes around under the bust-line...

i am so desparate to find it, I remember the supplier was in Cardiff, but have misplaed the issue and cant now order the dresses!

if you can help....?

thanks! x


  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    i have the magazine - whereabouts was it? was it a feature or an ad? xx
  • skippygeeeskippygeee Posts: 2
    it was on the right hand page....just a picture of a bridesmaid, I think it was a feature pic as part of an overall article...quite near the front! hope that helps?!

  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    Hi Sarah G

    Can you let us know any other details that would help us find this for you? Was it definitely You & Your Wedding? When did you buy the issue (then we can work out which one it was) Was there just one girl on the page or several? Was there any text around it or was it part of a fashion shoot?

    Best wishes Web Ed
  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    sarah, i've looked all through & can't find it. mine is the jan edition xx
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