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how soon did you find your dress- am i hasty!

kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
i have found my dress already and i have 17 mths to go!!! do you think i should shop around a bit more?


  • LYNNIukLYNNIuk Posts: 1,046
    Errrrm I found my dress last year within a week of being engaged. Only went shopping to see what it felt like to be wearing a wedding gown and an engagement ring! It was 3rd or 4th I tried, I had abit of a look around, but this dress always crept into my mind and I couldnt stop comparing it to others.... Getting married in 2007, so I am in the same boat as you! My dress deposit is now paid for; my dress, shoes and tiara have been ordered
  • I am a nightmare to go shopping with cos I would never buy the first dress I see. Personally I would always hang on . If you think it is the right one, just take the name and style and ask them to contact you if it being discontinued but I would probably just hand ona bit longer and shop around. You have got plenty of ytime. Don't let them fool you with that 12months crap about ordering - you need about 4 months.
  • karenngkarenng Posts: 77
    Ah date is in October this year and still haven't found one so not really the right advice from me. I was told at least 6 months so the next few months will be a bit hectic!
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I would definitely keep that dress in mind but you don't need to order it andything like right now so maybe continue to have a look - after all it gives you an excuse to get into more dresses and then maybe by the end of the summer if that is still the one you dream of and can't get out of your head then go for it but since there is no rush take your time!
  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    hi kel ive found my dress and ordered it in march we went shopping one monday (mom) just to have a look just to get a feel of things, u know!! tried a few dresses on went to another shop berketex? (dont know whats happening there people keep saying they r shutting down?) anyway tried a few more on then wow it was the 1 had to have it! we dont get married till aug 07? so when u find the 1 thats it!
  • kelukkeluk Posts: 1,467
    yeah i think you right you no dont you? well i am keeping a open mind but a ihavent been looking at all.
  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    I went with my mum in jan to look at dresses, i fell in love with one tried it on then paid my deposit. i never tried on another one. I cant stop dreaming about (good ones) you know when its the one. im getting married in may next year
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    antonia6 i got mine from berketex whats yours like? x
  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    sorry kel2 havent been on 4 a while cant remember the name and my mom wont let me have the picture of it in case i show anyone, its a 2 piece, basque as lovely details and ties at the back the skirt is like chiffon with 2 draping flowers on the side oh ye and its gold! had the tiara from there 2 (wolverhampton) its lovely its hard to say what there like whe u try 2 describe them? whats urs like kel2? xxx
  • Hi girls - I think once you know it is the one - get it! They always say that everything hinges on the wedding dress - the bridesmaid dresses - the flowers, the theme, the colour scheme - and I think they are right! I tried on loads but just knew when I saw it - and it makes me happy inside just thinking about my dress. I'm not getting married until June 2007 - but I know that whatever else I need to plan - I have my dress!!
  • I'm getting married in October and went for a look at dresses a fortnight ago and ended up buying one. It was at the first shop and is only costing £230 altogether as is not a traditional wedding dress but is classed as a prom dress but is absolutely gorgeous. I got it from a small independent store which specialises in wedding and prom dresses and the service I got was amazing and for the same price they are altering it and adding all the details (such as schwarski crystal beading). It also includes a wrap that goes with the dress.
  • Antonia - sounds like I am almost purchasing the same dress as you - although Iam just going for the corset top and going to get the skirt made spearately. It's such a lovely colour. I think it's the one for me I keep gpong back to it and have tried it on 4 times already and compare everything else to it!!!!
  • antonia5ukantonia5uk Posts: 130
    hi mrsdallas2be i think exactly the same nothing else has come close to it i look at the ones in the mags and there is nothing like it! we obviously have excellent taste!!!!
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