Has anyone seen this website before???


I was just browsing on google for wedding dresses and came across this, there are loads of Maggie dresses, some as little as £500?


Kelly x


  • I have put up the same exact thread this morning on general chat !!! How weird! Havent found anyone who has used them so i'm a bit wary but they have the maggie dress i want for £440!!!

    Dont know how i would go about finding out if they are legit and trustworthy?

    cat xxx
  • Yes I know,

    I've seen a few Maggie dresses that are over £1000 in shops and they are about £500 here.

    There is an address and telephone number, but I'm not sure that would prove anything.

  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    If you want an authorised stockist for Maggie dresses in US have you tried, tjformals.com, jaysbridal.com or bestbridalprices.com. They seem to be the most popular internet sellers and they are all kosher and authorised. I got my flowergirl dresses from jaysbridal and saved £181 and they were super help. Remember to add 30% tax to your price to cover customs & VAT when they hit the UK (unless your lucky enough to have a relative in US who can send them to you) I would defintiely have ordered mine from US as I wanted a Maggie but ended up with something completely different from here xxxx
  • Hi, to check they are autorised stockists look on the designer website or there should be a number on the designer website to check they are 'official'...
  • Rachaelfry- I looked at a few of the american sites, the prices are amazing, but after i add on the cost of getting it over here, i might only save £40 if im lucky. I do have an aunt who lives in Washington! If she were to send it over to me (mark it gift) does that mean i wouldnt have to pay the import and tax costs?

    Gimmethatdress- Thanks for the advice, just had a look on maggie sottero's site and there actual store is listed so i guess the dresses are real. I guess because the prices are so good its making me a bit wary of them.

    Cat xxx
  • susiebuksusiebuk Posts: 118
    I have looked at this website they also have a shop in Bristol so it could be checked out the prices are fab and no shipping charges i think they order them from usa i might contact them for some info when i have tried some dresses on.
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