San Patrick and Pronovias help!

Ladies, i'm wondering if any of you can help me a little! San P and Pronivias are the 2 designers that I love the most (very similar dresses, believe the companies are affiliated??)

However, I have not yet tried any dresses on, have my first appointment a week on tuesday.

If you don't mind and have tried any of their dresses on or have bought any please could you let me know which ones and the rough price for them (sorry if i'm rude for asking this, a ball park figure would do if you don't want to say exactly) Don't want to go to travel to dress shops specifically stocking them if they're not in my budget??

Thank you so so much in advance!!


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    Hi I have a San Patrick dress that was bought out of the 2007 collection. Price tag was £1000 for it. I can't remember its name, I just feel in love with it and cannot find it on the website as its all been updated to 2008 collection. I love both designer houses and yes they are affiliated. I think San P is less expensive than Pronivias but I think you will be looking at the £1000 upwards mark for the dresses depending on where you are looking. One thing you could do is phone up your local stockist and simply ask what the price range is for both lines? Good luck with your search.
  • Thanks jaxx, any other prices would be soooo gratefully received! xx
  • hi, i got my pronovias dress from val collection it was £1.350 in the shops but i got it for about £550 i know some people have had problems with val collections but i havent my dress is currently being shipped, .

    i found the pronovias dresses to be cheaper from the new bond street store in london as their prices includes fittings and i found them to be really nice. they ranged from £800 upwards hope this helps x
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    My San Patrick dress from the 2007 collection was app.1000
  • Thanks girls, you're all stars! It's always tricky asking people about money things but thank you!

    Any one else feels brave then keep em coming! xx xx xx xx
  • Hello,

    I have a Pronovias dress, I went to the New Bond Street store and they were lovely, really nice. Gave us champagne once I found 'the one', even though it was 10:30am... Word of warning if you haven't been dress shopping, where nice undies, they literally strip you and put the dress on you, something I was a bit uncomfortable with. The dress and the veil I chose total £1200 and i'm so happy with it! Also don't be disheartened, I don't know what size you are, but I can guarantee you'll need a bigger size in a Pronovias dress. I'm a size 12 and not many of their try on dresses fitted me, half of them couldn't even be zipped up!



  • Thanks pebble! Bought some lovely new short type pants and a strpaless bra last weekend with wedding dress shopping in mind! lol! Probably similar size to you, usually a size 10.

  • jaxxukjaxxuk Posts: 184
    There's one trick that one of my friends told me about dress shopping, don't ask about the size especially when they are measuring you. She didn't have a clue what size she was getting and never fretted or went on a diet at all whereas another one of my friends was told the size they were ordering her and she went on a mad diet only to have to try to put weight back on three weeks before the wedding so the dress would fit! Plus the size they order will also depend on the style of dress, big full skirted dresses you could probably end up going smaller than your nornal dress size whereas fishtail you might go bigger - it's all down to the cut of the dress, the specific designer and the hips our mothers gave us!
  • Hi mrssaunders2b

    I've ordered Nacar from the Pronovias 2008 collection & it was approximately £1100 (including all the alterations I might need). I was quite worried that for my budget there wouldn't be very much choice as the dresses look expensive, but I needn't have. All the dresses I tried were gorgeous - such good quality!

    What dresses are your favourites at the moment? Hope you have fun trying them on!

    Love Mrs Bez2b x
  • My Pronovias ('Najar') has a RRP of £950 but I negotiated ad got it for £795, but I have to pay extra for alterations so will probably end up being £950 in total.
  • I tried on the most goregous San Patrick dress from the 2008 range. It was quite heavy but stunning and gave me the perfect hour glass figure. It was £1,100. I'll try and post it later, skiving off work at the mo!
  • Ooh! You're all making me very excited!! My mum is paying for my dress and has said around the 1000 mark so i should be ok for most of them!! I can always put a little extra in the fund if needed! Yey! xx

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    Hi, I'm another Pronovias bride, ordered 'Laris' (2007 collection) also from the Bond St. store; it was approx £1100. Just a word of warning: boleros, veils and other Pronovias accessories tend to be dear! The rrp of my veil in London was £340, thankfully a family member has managed to get it for me much cheaper from abroad.

    Have fun trying on the dresses, they are so beautiful! x
  • This is the dress I could have bought. It was between this and the Ellis 11032

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  • Hi There, i've ordered a san patrick they are the most beautiful dresses i've tried on and feel and fit so nice, mine is the borneo with a lace jacket i was sure about the jacket at first but i thought hey ho it comes with it and i get an extra look! mine was 1000 but think the prices depend on the area i originally liked the bedford which i tried on at the national wedding show in silver/blue and it was 200 cheaper in the town i live in! but i didnt like it on in ivory
  • hiya

    My dress is pronovias Nepal and cost £620. tried it on yesterday as mine has just arrived in the shop. it fit perfect, i couldn't believe it cos i've put a bit of weight on since i ordered it. the shop told me when i ordered it that they were going to be ordering a size 10, when i went yesterday, i discovered they'd ordered me a size 8 !!!! can't believe it fits. just can't put any weight on now.
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    Hi mrssaunders2b,

    I have ordered a San Patrick from the 2007 collection (although they have apparently kept the dress going for 2008):

    It was £930.00 or £950.00 I think!!

    They really are beautiful aren't they? I had never heard of San Patrick until I went to the last shop and cried when I tried this one on.....

    Good luck with whatever you decide and keep us posted!!

    xxx :\)
  • Ooh chantillylace!!!! That's the dress i like!! Wow!! I'm so pleased with the price!! Was dreading finding it and then falling in love with it only for the woman in the shop to announce it was £2000 or something!! I just love san p and pronovias! xx
  • Yay!!! You have to try it on, you'll feel like a princess xx
  • if you happen to go over to the states they are half the price again there because of the exchange rate, though they are so reasonable here too might not be worth the hassle and stress

    My San Patrick cost a total of £350, with a £70 veil - I ended up getting a sample sale one - total bargain. Happened to fit it so bought it off the rack -usually £1k +. [I was on a humour your future american mother-in-law dress shopping trip and never expected to make the purchase!]

    The prices I have seen for both brands do range from the late 100s to £3k + depending on which part of the range you go for.
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    mrsbaggley2b - where'd you buy your dress from? It looks gorgeous and such a reasonable price. I've been looking for a dress for 6 months and still no joy. but this looks like one I'd like to try!
  • Hi Mrs Hawks 2 B. I got my dress from Deborah Moore Bridal in Hessle nr Hull East Yorkshire. I couldn't believe the price. its gorgeous. tried it on again on friday and still love it.
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    aah... I sent a picture to my bridesmaid (she's in South Africa) and she loves it too. I've now set apon the ridiculous task of finding someone in London that stocks it. I have found one - but the first appointment is on 22 March!! And they're going to charge me £790 incl alterations. Does your price incl. alterations.

    Its really beautiful!
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    aah... I sent a picture to my bridesmaid (she's in South Africa) and she loves it too. I've now set apon the ridiculous task of finding someone in London that stocks it. I have found one - but the first appointment is on 22 March!! And they're going to charge me £790 incl alterations. Does your price incl. alterations.

    Its really beautiful!
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  • it really is a gorgeous dress. the price i have paid doesn't include alterations. I've been quite lucky though really as my dress fits perfect and only needs taking up about half inch at the front, so I think alterations will only be something daft like £30.
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    Have worked out a train ticket to Hessle is £22.50 if I book in advance. Not bad... but is it worth trekking 3 hours just to try on a dress??

    Not to be weird - but what type of size are you MrsBaggley2B as I sent a pic to my mom of the dress... and she's worried that the model is really tall (and I'm really short 5.3). She says I may not be able to carry all the detail etc. Any thoughts?
  • I'm only small too I'm just under 5"4. I've got some pics on a disc of me wearing the dress from my when i tried it on last friday. would you like me to e-mail you a couple? to be honest I think a lot of the dresses look better on smaller brides, some of the models seem far too tall and slim to carry them off to their full potential.

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