people selling stuff

There seems to be a few people coming on to sell stuff at the moment.

If you read the chat room rules it isn't allowed.

Not being snooty - giving a heads up to anyone who was thinking of doing it too in case they got in 'trouble'. ;\)


  • BERTIE12BERTIE12 Posts: 20
    Its a shame if you need a dress that no one longer needs, and could be helping someone out, like me who needs a monsoon dress ribbon style in cream.
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I think there should be a 'wanted' forum for people to ask if anyone has a certain something they need but its hard to monitor any 'non bride sellers' I suppose. I just dont like when someone comes on with their post and is selling something when they clearly dont want to use the forum as its intended xxx
  • pink781pink781 Posts: 1,341
    hands up in the air (sorry!) but i definitely come on this forum a lot, so it is just a one off!

    I just think its a real shame I can't offer my unwanted, unworn beautiful shoes to someone on here for a bargain before I try ebay etc

  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    I ahve received an email warning me of being banned if I post anymore about selling something? I put up a thread about my dress I wasnt selling it ((well kinda!))!!! So thanks to the one that reported me!

  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    I have just checked and I have definatly been reported as a thread of mine asking for advice etc about money and merely mentioning selling my wedding dress has been removed yet the one were I am actually offering a pair shoes is still there!! hmmm! thanks!!!

    I consider myself told!

  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    I agree with Rachael i think there should be a wanted forum. I have absolutely no problem with other brides selling unwanted items and think it is totally different from the annoying sales people who aren't brides at all just people coming on here to promote their business. I'm suprised someone reported you for mentioning you were selling your dress MrsSpeller. x
  • 7banana77banana7 Posts: 675
    I can't get over the fact that someone has actually reported MrsSpeller2B like that!! I'm with beas on this one, companies should not be so bold as to attempt to advertise on here. But when it's one bride wanting to sell something & there may be another bride really interested... what's the actual harm?! Are you allowed to at least make reference to the fact that you are selling something via another site, such as ebay?

    I feel quite annoyed about someone reporting MrsSpeller2B, they could have at least said something to her & given her the chance to modify her post!

    I also say yay to a wanted/items for sale section. But I think this has been suggested a number of times, and never been implemented. x

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  • moomin05moomin05 Posts: 2,442
    Mrs Speller 2b I have just read you post about wanting a white dress instead of a purple one and it is evident by the amount of times you have posted that you a bride to be and not a company and I think its shocking someone reported you!

    I was trying to sell a dress (have just sold it on ebay,yey!) but it would have been ideal for me to sell it on here. I would be so gutted to know that someone was stuggling for a dress and I had one that I didnt want!

    Like Rachael said, there should be a sale/wanted section and only people with x amount of posts are allowed to sell and you can only advertise a certain amount of items, most of us only have 1 or 2 items we want to sell anyway!
  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    thanks girls, I would love to know who reported me!!

    I agree something should be allowed, I have just gone through and seen a few threads with people selling stuff still, so some do slip through and go unnoticed!

    Maybe if we harress web ed they may do something???

  • RedRose79RedRose79 Posts: 1,938
    Can't actually believe someone reported you . . .bizarre
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    sorry i am guilty too, ive only done it once and had my post deleted too. i was selling shoes i no longer needed. it obviously helps people out as to buy soemthing unworn from another bride at far less than you would normally pay is great but i do understand selling everything we all didnt need, the forum could get really clogged up, so i also agree there should be a seperate section for selling but strictly bride to bride. you can tell by the number of posts pepole have if they r just on here to sell things. ive got that many its so obvious i'm just a real bridezilla and if you check out a users posts you can see if all they are posting is sales rather than just normal chat. mrsspeller, so sorry soemone reported you that's really harsh. what really annoys me by that is that you may have seen my post to webed trying to get a user removed who is on here as a sales rep for diet pills. they have admitted the fact and have been really rude to a number of brides and apparently they r on other forums doing the same too and they r positively flaunting their right to be here, as an advertiser, even saying they are allowed to do so and they r still on the forum. does anyone know where we could start a topic to webed campaigning for a sperate area for unwanted items, or people desperate to find stuff. there r still a couple of things i would like to find for my wedding, like a bag (just cant find one to match dress anywhere) and some cheap fairy lights, it porbbaly would be the best place to get stuff. if a lot of people commented on a topic asking webed and it became a hot topic, webed would see it and would surely give serious thoguht. x
  • VPLDVPLD Posts: 7
    Is there one forum that most of you do use for buying/selling second hand stuff?
  • I know that some other internet forums (like a computer one h2b uses) Have a special section for buying/selling where users have to have built up 500 posts before it can be used. I think that something like that would be a good idea on here, and yet the web ed keeps on ignoring our requests!
  • I guess what they want to avoid is people taking money and not sending goods or vice versa, but, that said, I think a wanted/for sale forum would be good to put up links to ebay and preloved, where there is the backup if someone doesnt pay/send goods.

    M x
  • mayleecatmayleecat Posts: 2,001
    Gosh, I was just looking through wedding fashion and found this thread I quickly wrote the other day. I didn't know anyone would even reply!

    I agree that there should be a capacity to sell on here or at least do a wanted thing. I'm sure a couple of other sites have that capacity so it can't be a legal thing. I understand yayw don't want responsibility when things go wrong but they can put a disclaimer up. They won't be selling on behalf of others like ebay effactively is. I'm sure its possible?

    Sorry to hear the trolls have been out again MrsSpeller2b. How's it going on the dress front? I saw your thread on the monsoon dress but couldn't see the pics. Monsoon dresses are lovely and would really suit your venue. What would you do about your veil etc?
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