Crystal or Diamante Sandals

Please help i'm trying to find crystal or diamante sandals and have had no luck any one seen any?


  • Hello,

    have you tried the high street like barrats, dolcis and river island. I went along with my adult bridesmaids and found some lovley looking sandals in barratts but they were too high for my girls. Also you could try as they seem to do most style sandals

    Hope that helps
  • mayleecatmayleecat Posts: 2,001
    I'm getting mine from faith

    They are more silver in the flesh. They look a bit gold in the picture. We're getting them next saturday when h2b's bonus comes in -yippie!!
  • soontob2soontob2 Posts: 249
    these are mine they are covered in Swaroski crystals not sure if its the kind your on about- they sparkle like mad

  • Im having the same shoes as Maylee in Silver. They are absolutely gorgeous in real life that picture does them no justice whatsoever.

    Faith have got lots of sparkly style shoes you could try there.
  • Or if ya budget will allow... Try Gina! I'm saving like mad at the mo!! Hxx
  • MamaBridgerMamaBridger Posts: 235
    Thank you all for your help after searching and searching on internet have decided to get these ones what you think?

    thanks again

    x x x
  • MRSW2B09MRSW2B09 Posts: 61
    Love the shoes! x
  • TottieukTottieuk Posts: 70
    I couldn't find any I liked either, but I fell in love with some crystal bridal shoe clips and then found some simple statin sandals to put them on, they look absolutely stunning I'm so pleased, it's worth knowing if you can't find the ones you're looking for. I've got the 'Hope' Cystal butterfy shoe clips from

    Good luck in your search
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