Bridesmaid shoes

Hi, I need your help! I am looking for some bridesmaid shoe's like a ballet shoe type, which are silver. I've had a look online and i've come accross a few, but i would like to find a shop that you can visit and go try them on, instead of online shopping! Has anyone got any ideas or have seem some around?

Thanks, Becky x


  • elliotlukelliotluk Posts: 250
    there are not bridal shoe shops, but schuh have a large selection. Im hopefully getting all the shoes from faith. is it for a young bridesmaid or older
  • BeXukBeXuk Posts: 96
    Sorry, forgot to say!! They are 8 and 9 years old
  • sciallensciallen Posts: 246
    Hi Becky, I too am after silver bridesmaid shoes, with a small heel (mayb a kitten heel or something) and pointy toes, even better if a bit sparkley (xmas wedding). I am hoping to find some in the shops nearer the time but any advice welcome girls!*!*!* x ximage
  • mel27ukmel27uk Posts: 238
    Hi i saw a pair of silver shoes when i went looking for my bmaids shoes in bhs that was a couple of months ago though! you never know they may still have them! goodluck xx
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