Group buying of wedding gown

Want more brides to attend the group buying of wedding gowns and BM dresses. If 10 person attend, we can get whole sale price. Wedding gowns are less than £500. BM dresses are less than £100. Interested in please drop email to Webmaster.

Pictures will be sent upon request.Thanks.

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    I asked April about this to obtain further information - this is what she has sent me. If you are interested, may I suggest you email her (using the facility on her original post) for more details.


    April says (I have altered it slightly for the forum):

    I live in Glasgow. Actually, it doesn't matter where I live. My friend works in a big wedding dress company. He told me that some companies actually order their wedding dresses and BM dresses from companies in China with very low cost. If we can order more than 10 pieces, he can give wholesale price.

    The profits of the company are huge. The wholesale price of the gown in the pictures I have are less than £500. I just don't want to pay thousands to wedding store. So, trying to find more bridal in the forum and order the wedding gown together with affordable wholesales price.

    If someone contacts me, I will send them photos and the wholesale price to them.
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    Thanks, webmaster:\)

    My friends and I have ordered 6 pieces together. Now we need 4 pieces more. Anyone want to join, please send me email [email protected]

    I will send you the pictures and the price. image
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