type of wedding dress


I'm trying to make head or tail of this wedding dress process.

I've read all the mags and they say there are 3 types:

made to measure (designed for you)

off the shelf (buy it in the shop and walk out)


Every where I go you seem to buy a dress and they fit it to you - is this made to measure or off the shelf?

If you want one made how do you pick a designer? I like bits of one dress and bits of another.

Please can people explain - thanks image


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  • whit-walkerwhit-walker Posts: 108
    Hi klj,

    I've heard of a lady named Nikki J who works in Greenwich in London (sorry, don't know whether this is any use to you - are you in London?) : http://www.greenwichgateway.com/nikkij/index.htm

    Nikki comes highly recommended from a lady I work with. Nikki designed her wedding dress and apparently sat there a did some drawing based on what my friend was saying and the finished version was spectacular (there are lots of photos on the site)

    I know that some of the magazines have adverts at the back for dress makes so you could try looking there too.

    Hope this helps.
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