[b]Alex Teal's Wedding Dress Featured on this Website[/b]


I have just been looking at the excellent "real weddings" section on the you & your wedding website. Does anyone know where Alex Teal (featured under Romantic weddings) got her gorgeous dress. I have being trying to find something similar to no avail. Any ideas or advice would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks.

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  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    i'd suggest you contact th web editor. i'm convinced i've seen the feature of their wedding but have just looked through the current 2 issues to no avail. the editor would be able to help on this one - fab dress so worth hunting down! good luck! xx
  • webeditor01webeditor01 Posts: 1,514
    Hi there

    Alex's dress was Isadora from www.thewizardofgos.co.uk 020 7938 1025

    Best wishes

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