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Round toe shoes

Hi, I'm searching for some round toed white silk shoes preferably with a ab swarkovski crystal detail or scalloped edge. Failing that any white, heeled, round toed shoes will do! I know exactly what I want but can't see it anywhere. Can anyone help please? x


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  • Jules - there's a shoe designer called Emmy (based in London) that tailor make shoes to your requirements. Prices start from £245, so might be out of your budget, but absolutely gorgeous! I've seen a round toed pair in Dune I think and perhaps even Faith, although don't quote me on that. Rainbow shoes do a pair with a round toe as well I think, which are probably around the £60 mark, I don't know if they have sparkly bits on though. Good luck!
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    definitely have round toed white shoes on don't know about the sparkly thing though! Glad your back Jules was wondering what had happened! :\)
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    Thank you for the leads. I'm quite taken with the boots on the henry kaye site but as it the totm at the mo and given my vast indecision today I think I'll leave any deciding for now! I have been finishing my uni work Charli. Only two weeks to go until I finish for good! Been quite stressful hence my worried state on here today! Back to my usual self tommorow. Promise! x
  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    hi jules mine sound like what your looking for they are called heather from rainbow club £65 x
  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    I'll have a look Kel Thanks x
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