PLEASE HELPI am in the process of looking for dresses and I have fallen in love with a rather large one. It is a strapless boned corseted dress with a large skirt. Its a quite a bit fuller than an a-line but not as big as some I have seen. The bodice has crystal and diamante's on but the skirt is very plain.... but big!! Hopefully (long story)... I am getting married in an English castle which is very grande. I feel that for a venue like this, the dress will be beautiful......... PROBLEM I am only 5ft 5ins tall......and I am living in Oz for the year and I am not able to bring my close friends from home to see me in the dress. I am a size 10 with a full bust......QUESTIONAm I going to look like a toilet roll doll? Your opinions would be appreciated!!


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    caroline, i am only 5ft 1in size 8 with a large bust so i know where you are coming from but my dress is a bodice with a full skirt, its not huge but its bigger than i ever thought i would have, and i loved it the second i put it on, i had tried smaller ones on and they did not look as nice. you have to remember that once the dress is shortened to fit it will not look quite as big. if you love the dress so much then im sure it looks great on you, youhave to believe in your own judgement. hope this helps.

    the castle sounds fab x
  • Could you take some pictures and send them home? I know some shops can be funny about this but i'm sure they will understand in your situation.x Wish i was in oz, lucky thing!x
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    Your dress sounds very like mine! I'm getting married in a church then reception at a castle and I'm 5"6 so with a 32 DD bust and I'm a size 10 so we are very alike! I am sure the style of dress suits my figure and I',m planning on wearing heels to balance out my 6"2 h2b. I found that the boned corset was great for the bust and the large(ish) skirt makes me look knid of delicate. I think you're onto a winner Caroline! I had the same worry yesterday and was told that it might be because I don't have the dress to look at all the time to reassure myself. Go back and try it on again. I think you'll look beautiful. xx
  • Hi caroline, I am 5ft and a size 8 with a full bust and your dress sounds just like mine, I think you'll be fine, if it feels right when you wear it then thats the important thing. From the other Caroline! xx
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    Thankyou everyone for your prompt response!!

    I wont be wearing much of a heel because my h2b is not much taller than me!!! Plus if I did wear big heels then i would probably end up walking around bare footed after about half an hour!!

    Oz is great, although I have to say that its getting cold at night now!! The photo idea is a good one, but I have to say that because of your support and because I LOVE the dress, I think I am just going to buy it!! That is of course if we get married in the all depends on wheteher my h2b gets a job he is going for on 22nd May in the UK. If not then we will be getting married on a beach by the great barrier reef.... I have chosen a different dress/skirt (same top but MUCH slimmer skirt) for this plan!!!! Crazy eh!! So in about 2/3 weeks from now I will know where I am getting married!! The important thing is that we are getting married - wherever that may be!!!!! Once again thanks for your help... I will not hesitate to consult with you all in the future!

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