Anyone having Swarovski Cosmos Aurora Borealis Tiara?

Hi there.

I have seen a Tiara that i love but it is quite expensive. Always loved it and was the first one that i saw but cannot find a tiara that beats it. Mum is worried that it will be quite heavy to wear but i think that the hairdressers on the day will work their magic and fit it securely to my head. What does everyone else think? Is there anyone out there that has had this particular tiara or who is thinking about getting it. Any help and advise will be helpful.


  • Hiya! I know it's been quite a while since this post but I am really struggling to find this tiara for my wedding!

    I don't suppose you have one that you would be prepared to sell me??

    Please reply if you think you might be able to help, or know anyone who can!!

    Thanks so much! Sali xx
  • MissflekMissflek Posts: 1
    Hi was wondering if u got hold of one?
  • SansaiSansai Posts: 1

    Hi all, I have one to sell if anyone is interested. You can email me /forum/smilies/[email protected]][email protected] Thanks!

  • Bela belceBela belce Posts: 3

    hi, do you still have it, I am interested in, thanks image

  • Hello... I have one of these possibly for sale if you are interested x

  • Hy, i have one do sell?



  • Sarah689Sarah689 Posts: 3
    Sarah511 wrote (see post):

    Hy, i have one do sell?



    I'm interested if it's still available!  Please PM me?

  • Sarah689Sarah689 Posts: 3
    Misskatieloo wrote (see post):

    Hello... I have one of these possibly for sale if you are interested x

    I'm interested!  Please PM me if it's still available?


  • Suzie1974Suzie1974 Posts: 126

    Hi there. If anyone is looking for this tiara. I'm selling one on eBay item no:- 291824155458. It is an absolutely stunning tiara new with tags. I have put some photos in for you to see. Thank you. 

    image  image

  • Hi! Did You sell The tiara? 

  • Hello! Is there anyone who still have one for sale with the originalbox?

  • Sorry ladies... my Tiara has now been sold..

  • Hi ladies... I have one of these tiaras for sale... Worn once for about 5 hours and in perfect condition with box & dust bag xx

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