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I am looking to buy Alfred Angelo 1136 and have found it at prettybridal.com in USA.

Has anyone bought from here? It works out pretty cheap with postage and hoped someone may have had experience of them!

Thanks everyone


  • In the end I opted for the 1136 which I bought from Just Pretty Bridals in New York. Their website is http://justprettystore.com

    I paid $457 for mine through the Just Pretty Ebay store (if you do a google search you should be able to find it). I notice that the prices have gone up though since I ordered my dress back in March so I think I was quite lucky.

    Just Pretty are selling the 1136 through their website for $762.50 which works out at £380.59 - included in that price you get free International shipping (I had to pay an extra $50 for shipping). Plus you also get a free Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress of your choice at the moment when you order and I think they are doing free custom length now too.

    I cannot praise them highly enough - they are an actual shop based in New York and they are great at answering queries and questions. I emailed them quite a few times asking them stuff and they always replied quickly and in a friendly way.

    My dress was made to order in a standard size, it took 10 weeks to make and then 10 days to be delivered. It was sent from the US via UPS and then Parcel Force delivered it to me. I had to pay £44 customs and import charges when I collected it from the Parcel Force delot.

    I cannot tell you how beautiful it is, it's absolutely perfect. It is even more gorgeous than I remember it to be in the shop.

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