wedding ring to shape around engagement ring!!

Anyone know of any reasonable jewellers online to create a plain wedding band to fit around engagement rings? I have been to the Scottish Wedding show recently and was ASTONISHED to be quoted silly amounts of money to make a think 18ct white gold band to curve around my engagement ring. It was almost as expensive as the engagement ring and it of course has diamonds. Unbelievable!


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    Hi Helen,

    This may sound daft but have you tried normal jewellers?

    Reason i ask is because thats where we bought our wedding rings from and i asked for a piece to be taken out so my engagement ring sits better on my finger.

    My wedding ring is a chunky 9ct White gold plain band that cost £260 and an extra £31 to have a piece taken out!

    But remenber white gold is more expensive and 18ct will be even more expensive!

    Hope this helps x
  • Strangely enough had made an appointment today to go and see a jeweller near to us, they had a look at my ring and are going to try making a silver sample to let me try and get the feel of, then if I am keen they will proceed with it and make the white gold one. They have given me a fair estimate and have thrown in a free polish of all of our rings the week before the wedding. So quite pleased with that! Just can't believe how expensive the "small" things in planning a wedding can be! Thanks for the advice image
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    Hi Helen

    We were quoted £60 to have my engagement ring contoured to fit my wedding ring (both Platinum with diamonds).

    Good luck!

    ~ Nat xx

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