small heel/flat wedding shoes

Arghhhhhhhhhh, Where can I find a pair of reasonably priced small heel/flat wedding shoes that are a bit glitzy. Im just a bit shorter than my h2b and i dont want to over tower him. I have seen loads of gorgeous shoes but they all have big heels. Any ideas/sites I can visit


  • Hi Elliott, I managed to get my shoes from ebay, they were only £35. It did state that the shoes had a 3" heel but they have never seen 3" more like 2". They are a white open toe slip on shoe I suppose (if you know what I mean) with diamante on the toe.
  • I'm the same height as h2b and also didn't want to tower over him. I also didn't want to spend a fortune on shoes that basically wouldn't be seen as under a long dress. In the end I got a pair of white sandals. There's loads about this year. Got mine from M&S in white but they also have some glittery ones and were only £19.50
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    thanks Sharon and Bex ill look into them. I also wish i could carry my dress around with me so i could try it on everywhere to see if it matches
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    I got mine from Pronuptia for £60 - need small heels as my arthritis really affects my feet/ankles
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    Hi Elliot

    I would check out Schuh - this is my favourite shop! I esp love Irregular Choice shoes and Rocket Dog. They do really fun shoes, most are flat and reasonably priced. There's no way I would fork out for a pair of Jimmy Choos when I can get way better styles for much much less!!!!! You could also try Faith, as they were selling white sequinned ballet pumps not so long ago for £30. Hope this helps xx
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    thanks cathy and emma, will look into it. Let you know how i get on xx
  • I'm the opposite, i'm a lot shorter than by h2b and am looking for shoes with biggish heels but which are comfortable and i wont fall over in. Argh!
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    laurakate i have saw some lovely wedding shoes on the faith website. I would love to wear some sexy high heels. prices around £65
  • I have seen some really nice ones in BHS that have got a kitten heel and a bit of glam! Hope that helps!
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    Try they have some gorgeous shoes, and in a range of prices! I too have to wear a small heel as my h2b is only just taller than me!! They also do a range of bridal lingerie and handbags, great website xx
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    If silver and sparkly is what you want...there is a gourgous pair of kitten heels..(with straps - so safer).. on Faith website, I brought these for my bridesmaids and they look fantastic and they said there so comfortable. look on the faith website there called DINAR and at £50 great as could wear them again...would look fab at Xmas.

    Happy Hunting

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