Fishtail Friends????

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  • Hi Mrs s2b!

    Your dress is fantastic! And I really wanted to reply to your message just to let you know that I couldn't have read it at a better time... I have gone for a drop waist dress which i would say is almost fishtail and just like you I tried all of the big dresses (even hollywood dreams) but I too thought I just looked twice my size/width in them and to be honest even though they look beautiful on some girls I felt a bit 80's in them!! I'm gettin married in a castle though and have been having palpitations all day thinking my dress is not 'big' enough but my other half just simply said he was sick of me going on about it and even though it has been ages since I tried my dress (ordered it in Jan) at the end of the day I adored it and said at the time it was the most 'me' out of all the dresses I tried.- had to agree he was right, i did say that!

    It sounds like you are worrying about these things too but I think it must only be natural whichever style you choose! I was reading a wedding mag yesterday and saw a real bride in a dress similar to yours and she looked fantastic!! It's sometimes easy to forget just how stunning the fitted silhouette looks (i think they look fab with full length viels too!!)

    Hope your dress wobble passes quickly - fishtail is the way forward I say!!!

    Carla x
  • the detail on your dress is beautiful!!! I just had a better look! Is it stitching/embroidery or beading - it looks great, very eye-catching and will look fab on photo's too- from the pic looks like the fabric is different at the side, is it tulle? It's really beautiful, you have no need to worry!!

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    hi ive got sophia tollis "lila" which is a fish tail, it gives such a great figure and still has the train and a beatutiful lace up back. i too wanted something a bit........more, but its perfect, go with what your heart tells you. its in the fall 2007 collection, mine is white although the net shows it in lilac or gold.
  • Both dresses are stunning and love them both. I too, am having a fishtail skirt but unfortuntely the pic I have is the wrong one. Gives you the idea.

    hope it works

    if not here it is
  • mine is nicer but has the same top and fishtails more.
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    That's stunning MrsS2B!

    I so very nearly went for a fishtail myself - this one in fact from Justin Alexander

    I still think it's gorgeous and I love it - but the one in the shop was just a size (or two!) too small and it was difficult to get an idea as to how comfortable I'd actually be in it on the day and as we're planning to lark around in the Canadian snow for the photos after the ceremony, I really need something that's a bit more relaxed and spacious if you know what I mean!! Plus I'm such a clumsy oaf and would have been bound to snag the delicate lace over satin material on something.

    All that aside, I think the more shapely delicate dresses are beautiful, and you shouldn't be wobbling. That dress looks like it would make you feel like a million dollars image

  • Hi

    I am having a red fishtail dress, The style is so flattering and elegant

    My wedding is in December so fancied red for a change.

    That dress is stunning x
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    I love fishtails and think they are very sexy!

    Here's mine!
  • oh my god , i abolutely love fish tail dresses. like you not one for a massive dress so gone for a maggie sottero fish tail style dress myself. how glam do they look ! i think they are great and not just the norm that you see at every other wedding
  • Lovely dresses girls! I loooove fishtails, here's me in mine (well the shop's, which is 2 sizes too big so hoping mine will be more fitted below the waist! It's Madeira by La Sposa:
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    Yeah - good post! I too have recently been having doubts about my dress , especially as when i bought it i wasnt 100% that i liked the neck line and also thought that i would be having something ' bigger' but they just did not suit me at all. Have been driving my bridesmaid mad by going on about it as just got confirmation it has arrived at the shop and so in major panic that i will go to try it on and not like it anymore!! Seeing all these other fishtails has re-assured me - they are all stunning! I really think they are a v flattering design and so elegant. Fingers crossed i still feel the same when i re- try on! Eek. This is mine.

    I think what is worrying me is that in the picture it looks very

    ' booby' if you know what i mean but i dont remember it being obviously ' booby' when i tried it on!! I dont want to look all boobs out on my wedding day!! Am sure it will be fine and as i remembered and not as per the photo!!

    Ramble over!
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  • Ooh 080808 bride,

    That is stunning you will look fabulous . Think the model has had a boob job haha,

    I am sure you would have noticed as soon as you tried the dress on if it felt too booby.

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    Thanks dentalruthie image. I hadnt thought about model having boob job - ha ha!! I will tell myself that from now on when having 'boob's out' stresses!! I think i just need to go retry on and then will stop stressing out!
  • My dress is beaded at the top at the front and kind of ruffled silk all the way down fitted to the thighs and then the organza just flows straight to the floor but there are a couple more of the roses on the side which are almost front facing! ( I know that sounds complicated but it's actually a bit plain at the front apart from the sparkly bits!!)

    I'm glad you mentioned hair!! I am really panicking about this!! always thought would have my hair all up but when i look at pics of me when i tried the dress on with hair up i looked really plain!! i know it would be diff professionally put up but starting to think gonna go for either a big loosely curled and pinned up do with veil at the back and tiara or mostly down but pinned to one side with one of the gathered veils worn at the top just behind tiara!! DECISIONS!!! oh it's all so difficult!!

    All I have decided upon is that i definitely want a tiara and full length veil with crystals scattered on it to match the dress (I'm going to Halo and co in Wales on saturday - i can't wait - startin to panic cos only have 3.5months till wedding and still have lots of things to find!!)

    We have only been planning the wedding since January this year (getting married 6 months after engagement!) so I was kind of put under pressure by lots of bridal stores tellin' me i needed to order my dress at least 6 months before the wedding!! Hence taking about 4 days off work and visiting 5 shops, going back and forth!! I eventually got a short list and just narrowed down the ones i liked best but once i tried mine i was sure it was the one, all in all i only took about 3 weeks looking for my dress!!

    Have you decided about hair and accessories yet??


  • All of these gorgeouse fishtails prove that they are every bit as good as 'fuller' dresses!!! A bit sexier I reckon though!!image

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    mrss2b2009, here a pic, ooooooo another chance to show it off, its me in it. its not been altered so needs sorting out at the bust and length

  • aangel240283aangel240283 Posts: 1,982

    and talking about shoes here my beautiful faith pair

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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm really really worried! I fell inlove with my dress online and ordered it from America before I'd had a look at i in the flesh. I went to the only Benjamin Roberts stockist in Edinburgh last week, and the sample was in ivory size 10!!!!!

    She took one look at me and told me in no uncertain terms that it wasn't for me and would look hideous! (I'm 5'10" and a size 22-24) so I'm dreading it arriving! image

    This is the dress.......

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    hi leggy lady i wouldnt worry what the shop lady said fish tails are better to show off your curves so ignore her! Ive actually tried on the dress you are having and it is lovely however im having the maggie sottero version - mainly due to it looking very similar but being £600 cheaper pics really dont do it justice but i think thats because the girl in the photo is a size 0!
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    hi girlies

    i too looked hideous in the fuller dresses, envy the girls who can carry them off! the first day me and my mama went dress shopping we tried on every style under the sun, i looked awful in them all. until i got to the fishtail designs, the last thing i expected but they really suit me!

    i probably sound a bit wierd here, but i am convinced i have a short body, and long legs for my height (5"4). all the fuller dresses seemed to accentuate my "short body" even more. i felt like the fishtails make me look longer and more elagant, and really accentuate your curves. i also felt it was more appropriate for a wedding abroad, and it is spanish influence and we get married in spain......ooh and lace is the material to waer this season and i ordered this last year so i was ahead of the game!! ha ha.

    so, this is the dress i went for.

    people will be sick of me posting it, but i love it. heres the beading on the neckline

    it arrived on monday as well, eek!! going to try it on monday to see if my shoes look okay with it (any excuse).


    all your dresses are gorgeous.

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    Hello ladies

    I've gone for Suzanne Neville's 'Mustique' which is a very soft fishtail design. I TOTALLY thought that as I am pear-shaped I would end up in an A-line, but actually a soft fishtail does me more justice because it accentuates my waist but then gracefully covers my 'generous' hips, bottom and thighs! I did try on several A-line/ Princess numbers, but as I am 5 foot 4 and quite small framed I looked just like the dolly covering the loo roll, if you know what I mean! x
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    lChambers79, i totally agree with you, i am the same height, and it really does your figure wonders, and elongates your body i think.

    hurrah for fishtails!!!

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    My dress is kind of half fishtail:

    I knew big dresses wouldn't suit me. This dress made me look as if I have curves, plus I loved the long train.
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    Is mine a fishtail? It doesn't say so on the info bit but looking at your dresses it's similar shape?
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    hey girls, mrss2b i had the same feeling when i tried on all the princess style dresses, they just did not suite me, my head looked so small lol

    I knew that I wanted a more simple style so went the this

    Its pale ogld with lace overlay. It gave me a really nice shape.

    I tihnk fishtail's are gorgeous, all your dresses are lovely x
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    srorry first one didnt work.

    Leggylady i tried that dress on in the first shop i went to, it was really lovely, the detail on it is gorgeous.

    I didnt get it in the end as it was still a little bit too much train for what I wanted, but it is lovely x:\?
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    nklitch i would def sya your dress is a fishtail, really lovely x
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