backless bra

Does anyone have any tips for good backless bras (my dress is way skimpier than I remember it being...)



  • i was just looking on figleaves website today amd they have a couple of strapless and backless bras
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    have you thought about using the fillets? they clip together in the middle and kind of stick to your bust! matallan used to sell them not sure if they still do! xx
  • I'm having exactly the same problem, i really don't know what to do about underwear for my dress as everything shows and i can't get a bra that won't be seen and any knickers also show underneath. My dress is a halterneck and backless, very low cut and shows every lump and bump. I bought some of those stick on bras which sound similar to the fillets but they also showed up and made my dress look totally different. Any ideas? I don't fancy nipples in all of the photos!x

    What is your dress like Kio?
  • I know what you mean about those stick on cups, not so flattering... and not so nice for the wedding night either....

    My dress just has two tiny straps that wrap around my shoulders holding it up, and the back is open almost to the small of my back.

    Maybe a corset would do the trick?
  • M&S do a multiway bra with invisible straps & back for £20.:\)
  • Thanks for all the tips. I have just discovered that DKNY has a brilliant very low backed bustier, if anyone else needs this kind of a garment..
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