Help me find/choose a dress!

Need some help guys!

I have put a deposit (only £100) on a dress but i'm once again getting cold feet. Have just splashed out on B.maids dresses £175 each x 3 and h2b has heart set on a fancy marc wallace or paul smith suit. My dress was a sample (unintentional, just liked it and though a bargain wasn't to be sniffed at!) and will cost £600! All of this has made me think maybe I should be lookng for the dress of my dreams?

Anyway, the one dress I really love in pictures is an old vera wang I saw browsing the website years ago (sad I know) but there's one like it in a book (instyle weddings) and I don't have a scanner to show you guys but i'll describe it: It looks like duchess satin in a heav cream colour, button back, ballgown shape with inverted boxpleates from the slightly dropped waist and medium sized train. The back is lower than the front and it looks very expensive and classic. No beading at all. It doesn't even say the designer in the book!

I have found some similar which I think are going to be out of budget and wondered if you guys had any ideas for similar designs you may have seen?

Number 13 and 3 on the sping 09 bridal looks section

I also love these, very similar shape to the one I'm describing but different material.

oh and the one I have a deposit on is this

any ideas anyone? Or should I stick with what I have?:\?


  • Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
    I really like the one you have the deposit on its beautiful, love the detail on it. But everyones taste is different. But its your special day so if your not 100% sure about it maybe try and find the style you are describing and try some on.

    I fell in love with my dress long before I had a wedding date but I keep popping back in the shop to remind myself of it as the pics dont do it any favours. Sometimes wonder if im missing out not trying any others...
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