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Green bridesmaid colour

Hello to everybody reading this post!

Im currently trying to find the right bridesmaid material. I would like to have a blue/green colour. I have seen a nice aqua colour on an american website but unfortuantely because I'm in the uk I was unable to get a sample. I was thinking more blue but now I'm liking a more of a green aqua colour maybe in duchess satin.

If you are reading this post and are having bridesmaids who are green or blue/green in colour or have attended a wedding where the bridesmaids colour sounds similar to what I am looking for I am interested to see wat colours and material you/they have gone for. I haven't seen many weddings where the colour of the bridesmaids are green or green/blue in the UK so I am interested to hear your thoughts. Joey


  • Hi Joey

    I am not actually having that colour but did actually want it until I bought my wedding dress and then it didn't match, but I looked at dresses from watters and watters. they have loads of gorgeous dresses in duchess satin in a fantastic range of colours. Its worth a look - hope you find one x
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    Hello Joey,

    a lot of bridal designers doing bridesmaids ranges do all their dresses in a range of up to 50 colours. I know Alfred Angelo do, so does Raylia designs. You choose the dress and have it made in the colour you want.

    websites are:

    All these and others let you choose your preferred colour - dessy and alfred angelo let you change the colours displayed on the website so you can change it. There are plenty of greens.

    You can then check where they are stocked in your area.

    Hope that helps


  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    I had dresses from Olive bridal and they had a colour called Teal that sounds a bit like what you might be looking for and lots of styles to choose from. My local Pronuptia stocked them but I am sure you can look at stockist on the website and you would be able to get a sample I am sure!
  • hevhev Posts: 6
    HI Joey86,

    My mum and dad had blue/green dresses for their bridesmaids and they looked stunning. I am also hoping for blue/green but unfortuantly havent seen anything yet, will keep you posted if i spot anything!

    Good luck with the search!

  • JoannaSukJoannaSuk Posts: 22
    I really want to have green bridesmaid dresses but am worried that this will clash with a goldy/cream wedding dress I want. What do you think?
  • LouisaukLouisauk Posts: 23
    Hi Joanna,

    I'm having a pale gold dress and green bridesmaids - I think its a lovely combo!

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  • rsgreenukrsgreenuk Posts: 13

    Have you tried Monsoon Bridal? I searched every website looking for perfect dresses and kept finding what I thought were the ones until I went to Monsoon - they are ideal for older bridesmaids. Hope this helps x
  • cjacksonukcjacksonuk Posts: 227
    Hi Joey

    I got my bridesmaid dresses in Monsoon the Xmas sale - they are bluey green silk which has a sort of metallic / petrol effect - from one angle they are more blue and the other more green. They are two pieces - bodice and long A-line skirt

    The women in the shop said that each year for each season they do a variation on the colours. I would suggest popping into one of their shops

    Good luck

  • cathy_sparklecathy_sparkle Posts: 396
    Hi Joey

    If you're looking for just the material then try who have an amazing selection of very very cheap satins and silks. Or who have a shop in Nottingham. Both sites will send you swatches if you email them.

    I am having green bridesmaids dresses but mine are to be a very pale mint greeny bluey grey colour. I've found the perfect dresses on not only cheap but just the right colour (seamist), which will go perfectly with cream faux fur at my winter wedding!

    Let me know if the links work and if they're any good to you! Cheap fabrics is brill - btw they also sell couture panels, which are fairly expensive but fab if you're having your dresses made (good for corsets!)

    Good luck xx

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  • Joey0810Joey0810 Posts: 537
    Hi to all,

    Thanks to all your suggestions thus far. I have looked at some websites where I can buy the dresses, however a relation is hoping to make them for me so I am looking for the fabric where possible. I havn't had the time to look at all the websites suggested yet, but will take a look when I have a spare moment! Hev, would be nice to hear your updates regarding your choice of dress and colour. In regards to does cream go with green...this colour combination sounds fine, in fact I don't think there is any colour that really clashes with green is there?!

    To all the brides2b who are thinking of green as bridesmaids, please keep me posted as I am interested to know your decisions! x
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