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Vintage/retro wedding dresses!

Hey, does anyone know where I can find any vintage/retro wedding dresses? I have my wedding dress already but my partner and I can't invite everyone we would like to the wedding and so we're planning on throwing a huge dance party for all our friends when we get back from our honeymoon. i want to find a 50's inspired prom dress to wear as i won't be able to dance in my wedding dress (something just below knee lenght, big ballerina type skirt, or something a bit audrey hepburn looking). Am trying to find something on a budget of about £200.

Can anyone help???!!




  • Try.....

    or check out coast and Monsoon as they may have something in a 50s style.


  • There is a website called the vintage wedding dress company, their shop is based in London. Google it. Also Butler and Wilson on the fulham road in London have some
  • Hi...I got my wedding dress from Dolly Couture, a company based in the US. Dolly is very helpful, will dye underskirts etc to match colour scheme and her dresses start from $350 which is about £180 (although you have to allow for import taxes which are about 30%). I am having Hastings on Hudson and it is currently in transit, I should get it sometime next week. I think Berkertex Brides also do at least 1 50s style number. Or you could try a bridesmaids dress, I think Dessy have some 50s inspired designs. Good luck with your dress search.
  • Thank you all so much! I love the Blue bridal and circa dresses, but unfortunately way out my budget. imaginary annie, i love your dress! it's fabulous!
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