Ive just bought my dress!!

Hi everyone!!

Ive just got bought my dress. Its Pronovia Desvan. Has anyone else bought this dress??

I did fall in love with the Suzanne Neville but decided it was too plain for me and mainly too expensive. The pronovia seemed to have similar style but full of spakle. Im getting underskirt and more trussles at the bag to fill it out more like the suzanne neville.

Very scared about it. Ive looked at about 50dresses and have been so stressed about getting 'this is the one' experience. Im not sure that I got that feeling but when I decided it was I got a little teary and my Chief BM said it was THE one- and bless her she must know being as she's seen them all!!

Isnt it scary that you dont see it on until the fitting - for me thats 10months away. Aghh! But so exciting!!

Tell me what you think girls



  • NearlyMrsMikeNearlyMrsMike Posts: 1,764
    It's beautiful, does it come with the bolero too?

    Looks like you made a very good choice there, it's so exciting when you buy your dress! Congratulations

    MrsJD x
  • Thanks!!!

    I dont think it comes with the bolero. Im only interested in the dress anyway as im hoping it'll be warm enough and the nerves will keep me running!!

  • Hiya - think the dress you have chosen is stunning! Can I just ask which SN dress you felt was too plain? That's one thing that I've been worrying about as I'm trying to choose my dress! x
  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I used to make excuses to go back for a fitting i.e to try shoes or a veil and the shop were absolutely fine with it! I just had to keep reminding myself how much I loved it and they let me take pics as well xx
  • Ooo....thats good of them. Mine didnt seem too keen on me doing that but i think thats cos they know how neurotic im bein about having the right one and changing my mind.

    Can I ask i all places ask for 50% deposit (NONREFUNDABLE) even though its a year away? Bit worried about that incase I see another that I fall in love with. Bit worried Im not 110% about it although i obviously do love it!

    Its a bit difficult with the SN dresses - i really do love them so am making exuses to myself that the price is out of the question. I loved the Aster and another one that was similar. Because they are so beautifully made they are plain as they dont need anythin to add to it, whereas I wanted some sparkle on them so thats what I mean when I said plain. I hope that made sense!!

  • karen76ukkaren76uk Posts: 123

    Gorg Dress!

    I've got a pronovias too but not the same as yours. I didn't get those is this the one feeling straight away. I first tried it on with my best friend and then the second time i took my mum for a second try, but not before trying others on in another shop.

    I don't get wed until jun09 so i was nervous about seeing another thats better so i'm not looking just incase.

    The second time i went they had a new veils just arrived. They had a very spanish looking mantilla cathedral length one and as soon as i put it on i knew that i just had to have both the dress and veil.

    Did you try the whole look veil accessories etc. As i still wasn't sure until i got the full picture of what i would look like.
  • That's a gorgeous dress. I think Pronovias ones just look really elegant. I think that it is silk as well.

  • Im glad Im not the only one who is really concerned about finding another!! We dont get married until 30th May 09 so exactly the same boat as waiting a year until the fittings. Scary

    I did try it on with the veil and tiara ad there was a lovely chappel veil that had random scatters of diamonds going down it that went lovely with the dress but I dont think im going to think too much about that yet.

    Nightingale - I think it is Thai silk and is beautiul to touch.

    Ooo....keep getting excited now!!


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