Wedding Rings

We have just bought our rings and would like to have something engraved inside but am stuck as to what to put in. My other half is not much help!:\? I would appreciate knowing what you might have had put in yours.

Many thanks


  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    I guess there are loads of different options.

    Maybe your initials (so, B & R) or your wedding date, or a word such as 'forever' or 'always' or 'love'. Or a combination? So you could have the wedding date and 'forever'. 'From this day forwards'.

    Are your rings a set of two? I've seen it done where one thing is engraved across both rings, so you read it when they are put together.

    That was just a brain spill. If I have anymore thoughts I'll come back! I'd quite like to get ours engraved too, so I'll be interested in others' ideas!
  • We're just having C&R 18 October 2008. My finger's too small to have anything else! It'd be nice to have a line from a song that's special to you - maybe your first dance song?
  • HollzukHollzuk Posts: 241
    I think we are havin the wedding date engraved in least then he can never forget our anniversary!! x
  • Nickii26hNickii26h Posts: 293
    I told my H2B I was having "Put it back on" engraved on his lol

    Seriously though, we are thinking of having the date and his name in mine and my name in his. But we havent chose our rings yet so it depends on the design to what we can have. I'm only an size i so my ring will be very small. x
  • We're having our initals (P and R) and the wedding date in ours!
  • I haven't decided yet but a friend of mine got "friend, lover, soulmate" on hers and her hubbies and i thought that was nice.
  • crowleyemmacrowleyemma Posts: 128

    We are having ours engraved, so mine will say To Emma Love Haydn 2dn Dec 08, the o in love is going to be a diamond, h2b is having the same, but the other way round if you get what I mean!
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