Bridesmaids and Matron of Honour not matching

Hi, My 3 bridesmaids are 21 and my Matron of Hounour 31. I want them to wear burgandy and get dresses to match the 3 bridesmaids will not be an issue as we can all shop together and they are al similar sizes. As well as my Matron of Hounour being 31 she is a larger lady both bust, belly and bum and she is abroad! What colour/style dress can I get - would a black dress with Burgandy tie/ribbon look daft (not that I know I will find one!) My wedding is in a country house, My dress will be white and bridesmaids burgandy along with that they will be the only coulours used for decor/acces etc, Let me know what you think. :\?


  • i think black would be good, as she is a lil larger then black is quite slimming. as your bridesmaids are diff to you MoH then i think this is ok.
  • I think that will look fine. i've been to weddings where the matron of honour is wearing a different dress, it's quite nice cos then they stand out more. I don't know whether black and burgundy would go together but you could always go into a fabric shop and put the 2 colours together and see for yourself. If you can't find the dress you want you could always have it made?
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    I'm my sisters cmb, and i'm wearing a different dress to the others, also burgundy! i'm having a dress with straps, and low cut - also have big boobs and somewhat of a tum! The other bm are having a different dress - strapless variety.

    Dresses are from Dessy, and the same material, so we'll match colour wise, just not style wise!
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    i agree just choose a designer with lots of choice; forever yours, alfred angelo, dessy, jasmine etc. Then the 3 have one style in burgundy and the MOH a different style in the same colour and material

    so say for moh

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