my shoes!!


I am really excited as my shoes came today yipee!!!

Although you may think that i am crazy as i dont actually get arried until 2010! but i seen these and new they were the ones and they were in the sale at a bargain price!!

What do you think




  • oldbird42oldbird42 Posts: 515
    They're lovely.

    what colour are they? they look pink?

    Have you ordered your dress or are you just going to have to find one that matches your beautiful shoes?
  • they do look quite pink on this one dont they but they are actually a light ivory colour and sooo sparkley!!

    I do have my dress to a bargain as well i got it as an off the rail one but it had only been tried on 4 times and so is practically brand new! its ivory too but i dont have a picture yet, its at my mums house so i should take one when i put it on one day i am always going round and trying it on lol!!

    People think im mad as its so far away i have my jewelry too theres a pic here:

    but i think the more i get now the less expense and worry nearer the time i might enjoy the day more then cos i am such a worrier!!!!!:\)


  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    oooo very nice, great choice
  • beasukbeasuk Posts: 932
    Gorgeous shoes and jewellery, you'll have to post a pic of your dress too if you get the chance x
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