Not Selling..But

anyone wana swop a purple dress for a white one!!!!!!!!!

I have mentioned I am selling my dress (NOT On this site may I ad before some clever clogs hits the report this thread button thank you)

The main reason is because we cant afford the registrtr fees and need to make money fast, I have a few other ideas up my sleeve to make some money if we can! just gotta work on it!

But when I sat there yesterday i realise I also regret not going for the traditonal white dress,

dont get me wrong my dress is stunning but I dont know I still aint happy I have 52 days to go and I know I have made the wrong choice!!!!


  • iminloveukiminloveuk Posts: 130
    i dont post too much on here but i did see the pics of your purple dress ... i loved it so much and think it is so unique. I know i am not helping but i think it just looked so amazing that you shouldnt think about going down the traditional route! It truly is a once in a lifetime dress!

    Sorry... that was no help i know but just loved you in it so much!!

  • seasidercrazyseasidercrazy Posts: 1,934
    Oh hun!

    I love your dress (sorry i'm no help either!)

    You could borrow mine, apart from the fact it would drown you and it's bloody filthy!! lol

  • lbatesuklbatesuk Posts: 188
    A few more clues may help.

    What size/height are you?
  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    5ft 4 and a size 12!!!

    seasidercrazy i would have stolen yours if it fitted you know how much i love that dress!!

  • seasidercrazyseasidercrazy Posts: 1,934
    I know hun and you would have been more than welcome to borrow it. I have actually put it back on since, I just can't help myself!

  • lbatesuklbatesuk Posts: 188
    i was thinking of a lend but I'm 5'10 so would be no good.

    Someone must be able to help? You may not like this idea but my local TK Maxx has had some nice bridal gowns in £40.
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