Necklace or no necklace

Hello ladies, I'm just wondering if I can get some opinions please?

I'm wearing Essense SK101 wedding (will try to paste a link below!) and am wondering whether to wear a necklace with it or not? :\?

It's quite a "glitzy" dress but I wanted to wear a 2 string pearl necklace (was my Nanna's) but am now debating if it will look too much?

Please can you let me know what you think?

Thanks girls xx

It's the last dress on the right on the top row (if the links works!)

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  • RedRose79RedRose79 Posts: 1,938
    Anyone?. . . image
  • MrsSmith2beMrsSmith2be Posts: 515
    I don't think it will look too much, think that a pearl necklace will look nice with it!

    Can you buy a necklace then go and try the dress on again to see what it all looks like together?

    Have you got a particular necklace in mind?
    Oh i think the dress is stunning, i would see if you can try the dress on again and try it with and without the pearls. I think it would look nice with the necklace and think its such a nice touch to wear your nana's x
  • tartanrubytartanruby Posts: 354
    Beatiful dress - and a simple necklace would be fine i think.

    But i agree with the girls - take the necklace o your fittings and try it out.

    I want to wear a pendant that was my great great aunts but not sure if it will go - so just going to wait and see.
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    honestly think dress would look nicer without a necklace but some nice drop earrings instead. i just think those cuts of dresses look really sexy and gorg with bare neck and it seems to show off the dress more. however, to wear ur nana's necklace would obviosuly mean so much to you that it would make u feel even more special in your dress, so think you should try it on with the dress and if it suits go for it. if you think ti doesn't suit it with necklace then could you have the necklace made into a bracelet, it's really easy to do for any jewellery maker and can be easily converted back if you double row it and think the dress would look fab with a pearl bracelet and then some pearl type drop earrings.

    your dress is stunning and you will know what looks and feels right when u try on together. x
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