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hi there,

im looking for a bit of advice!!! i like this dress

( )

for my bridesmaids and the price seems really good, however im worried about shipping costs etc, as it dont say anything about this on their website, i dont want to pay through the nose for a dress over the net and so dont wanna commit myself to buying this if it works out the same as buying over here.


1. wot do u all think of the dress i have picked lol

2. has anyone used hob? are they reliable and do u have any idea of added cost etc.




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  • looby_boolooby_boo Posts: 358
    I'm afraid I can't help you on the shipping price bit... in fact I'm waiting to see what other people answer as I'm hoping to use them for my bridesmaid dress. Prices seem fab don't they?

    As far as the dress goes I think it's gorgeous. Really elegant, and something they could wear again which has to be a bonus for them. What dress are you thinking of for you? Would be good to get an idea of what they are like together.

    I was advised by a friend who works in a dress shop that dresses from the states are the same quality as you would expect here. But she said it's worth searching for the dress here first so you can see it 'in the flesh' and also get bridesmaid measured so you know the size to order.

    Will keep checking back to see replies..... Good luck!
  • lollibeelollibee Posts: 304
    the prices seem a bit too good lol...

    wot bm dress u thinking of, i have ordered my wedding dress its sortof rouched also and it has crystals where it comes in (i cant really describe it lol) i forgot to ask who designed it etc...

  • looby_boolooby_boo Posts: 358
    I think I'm having

    but in a different colour to the brown and cream shown. I just love the back of it. I have actually seen it in a shop here and it was lovely quality.

    I'm glad you said your dressed is rouched too. I think that'll look really good and tie the whole look together. I really wish I could do that too but my dress is a sort of unusual shape and I can't find anything like it in a tea-length bridesmaid dress (wedding is July next year and she really wants tea-length!!)
  • lollibeelollibee Posts: 304
    aww i really like that dress, i wanted mines in the shorter dress but the too of them are quite short n never suited it lol.

    that length will really suit the time of year u getting married.

  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    lots of people have used hob and they are official stockists so its 'safe' from that point of view.

    You just have to take the total including shipping and add 30% for import/tax etc. which you will be asked to pay when they get to the uk.

  • I used them for my three adult bridesmaids (dessy 2015) and they are the same quality as you'd get over here. i used the size guide and asked my maids to measure themselves and pick the size nearest.

    They arrived in good time. I paid about £250 for the 3 then about £80 in import tax. You pay the import tax to the courier. hope this helps
  • sorry should have said the £250 was inclusive of shipping costs....
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