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Does anyone know what a size 8 is in the USA?


  • Hanip1979Hanip1979 Posts: 24
    I ordered a UK size 8 from America and it was a size 6 out there.

  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    It depends on the designer, you would need to do some measurements really, I am a size 10 and was told I would need a size 8 in Maggie dresses but then I bought a Forever Yours bridesmaid dress which was a size USA8 but UK 14 so they all differ a bit xx
  • My Maggie Sottero dress is a US8 which they told me is a UK10.
  • cressydec08cressydec08 Posts: 1,474
    It should be a size 4, as rule of thumb is that US sizes are two less than they are here, so if you're a UK 10 then you're a US 6 and so on.

    However, occasionally clothing from a particular label/shop might only be one size less, it just depends.

    (In some ways it's a bit like here in a way, some shops you can be a 8, and in others a 10).

    You're better off looking at the actual size chart, and checking the measurements for that size are right for you, rather than just going for the size itself.

    So in summary (as I've babbled a bit):

    It's most likely your US size would be 4, but there is a chance it could be a 6, it just depends where you're buying from.

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  • thumpertoo2thumpertoo2 Posts: 2,138
    yes, look at the individual designers charts and buy based on that as each one seems to be different!!
  • kandjukkandjuk Posts: 13
    Hi I bought my maggie dress in new york and it is a us size 6, I'm a uk 10
  • MELVukMELVuk Posts: 329
    my Watters & Watters BM's dresses were 2 sizes different. UK size 12 BM was ordered a US 8.

    I think a 2 size difference is the norm, but some companies do have their own sizing schedule & have only one size in the diff. Also, individual measurements - waist/bust etc. - from designer to designer can be different. so check the individual charts.

    Lily. x
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    usually a two size difference, but do bear in mind that it depends on the designer, and that some US companies still use the odd sizes (like 7 and 11).

    So check the size chart and get the tape measure out.
  • ALEX377ALEX377 Posts: 129
    Definately 6
  • nessie76nessie76 Posts: 240
    My essence dress is a UK 9 and the label said a US size 6. But I am a size 8 normally and this dress fits me perfectly
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