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not liking what I see!

I havent tried any dresses on yet but when I look in the shops I just don't seem to be able to see the dress that stands out for me. Is it just that I need to try loads on even though I don't like them on the hanger?


  • HollzukHollzuk Posts: 241
    Maybe speak to the shop assistants and tell them what sort of thing your looking for...they will probabaly be able to pick out a selection...Ive read on here that some people have not liked a dress at all when its on the hanger but have fallen in love when they put it on!

    I havent tryed any on yet but ive got 2 favourites that i will b trying on nxt weekend & i cant wait! x
  • avfmouseavfmouse Posts: 254
    really can't judge dresses by how they are on a hanger. what I did was try on at least one dress in the different neckline and skirt styles, once I had found the styles that went best I could then be more specific when talking to sales staff and looking at collections available in shops.
  • Hanip1979Hanip1979 Posts: 24
    You really do need to try them on! I love, love my dress and it's really flattering and sparkly but on the hanger it looks completely shapeless!

  • hseghseg Posts: 25
    I agree - you can narrow down on a skirt style to suit your shape, then the shop assistants can pull out dresses for you in that style. You will probably know already whether you want simple, puff, sequins etc.
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    there's a thing called hanger appeal.

    but it's not really accurate.

    some dresses that look wonderful on the hanger might look terrible on you - and vice versa some that look terrible on the hanger may look stunning on you.

    you have to try them on.
  • vlhj13vlhj13 Posts: 1,126
    Definitely try them on. Bear in mind that dresses with a corset back often only take their proper shape once they're laced to you so really don't look like anything much on the hanger. You'll be able to get some idea of fullness of skirt, neckline etc, but not of the full effect on you. I'd start by trying a range of dresses on from very slinky through to the biggest thing you can find and also a range of necklines ie - halter, sweetheart, straight, with sleeves, with straps etc to narrow down what you want.
  • LCoweyLCowey Posts: 434
    You can't tell on the hanger, I think when they are all lined up they all look teh same.

    try some on, go on!! Straight away you will start to eliminate styles that aren't so good for you and then you have a clearer idea of what you are looking for,

  • properposseproperposse Posts: 567
    def try them on! iv just brought my dress and it was completely oppisite 2 what i thought i liked and wanted! but on me, its gorgeous! when i tryed what i thought was my perfect dress, it was hidious!!!! x
  • Try them on! They never look anything on the hanger! You'll be surprised how different they look on! Happy dress hunting :L
  • Skipper2bSkipper2b Posts: 15
    I agree with all the others- they look SO different on you than on the hangers! I went to a couple of shops, tried on loads and then made a few notes so that I knew I didn't like things like corset backs or sweetheart necklines which meant that I wasn't wasting my time in the other shops.... If it's any consolation I eventually bought the 2nd dress I'd tried on as none of the others ticked quite as many boxes! Do remember that things like extra sparkle can be added and that the chances are you'll need some alterations anyway... Good luck and try to enjoy it! I went to one shop (Liz Corker Bride in Leicester) where you got champers as you chose which was fabulous!

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