Shoes! looking for low heel

Hi all

Now I have my dress I am obsessing about shoes.

I tried on some Rainbow Club shoes with my dress which looked gorg and well comfy but they are pointy and I am not really a pointy sort of gal. Plus I am 5' 10", same as H2B so don't want much of a heel.

I am looking for:

Round or peep toe

Vintage looking?

I like little bows or sparkles

Low heel deffo an inch at the most.

Can anyone help?



  • ALEX377ALEX377 Posts: 129
    I have balance problems and can't wear heels. I bought my low heeled shoes from ebay for £16. They have round toes, slingback and a little bow at the back. If you like the sound of these search for white sling back shoes.

    Let me know how you get on.

    Alex xxxx
  • They have really nice ones on the Dune website look under wedding and it's the very last pair - I was thinking of these for my wedding as H2B is about 3 inches smaller than me!

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  • Try "elegant steps" they seem to have a good range. You may find something there.
  • These are mine;

    sorry photo might be big!

    I know these are pointy. but are very low and soooo comfy;

  • pink781pink781 Posts: 1,341
    try googling Diane Hassall by Rainbow Club. they are absolutely beautiful shoes vintage, floral, etc etc (but about £170-185)
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