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Here's a conundrum for you!

I will be having three bridesmaids (wedding date July 09), two are my sisters, one a good friend.

The first issue is that they are all different sizes, I have a pear shaped size 14, a curvy 14-16 and an ultra curvy size 20.

The second issue is that the curvy 14-16 lives in Vancouver!

How on earth do I go about getting dresses for everyone? I love them all and want them to look good and feel confident and happy on the day.

Any advice is most gratefully recieved.

What would you do?


  • alr837alr837 Posts: 257
    I woudl probably be tempted to say, go to a big bm range, ie alfred angelo, dessy etc, and say pick your own dress, but it has to be in X colour - and poss x material, and either long or short.

    that way each one can get a dress that suits them, and they'll all match in a fashion!
  • natashabonenatashabone Posts: 631
    I have the same problem so I decided to have less formal bridesmaids outfits, going to let them all choose their own dress so long as its the right colour so they have the option to wear it again!

    I think it'll look quite nice!
  • I wanted my three to have diff dresses but in the same colour, length & material.... Because like yours, they're all different sizes, so wanted a dress to flatter each of them (and their very diff personalities!).

    Only problem I found was trying to find samples.... It was a nightmare!! I found dresses for two of them, but then I couldn't find a third anywhere.......... I must admit though I wanted the same designer too! In the end, I got so fed up of bridesmaid dresses, I went for one that would flatter them all...

    (the full length version).

    HTH, Hxx
  • i had the same problem with 3 bridesmaids, 2 friends n my h2b's sister. i knew they wudnt all suit the same dress style so i took them to a shop that stocked watters dresses and they each choose a style to suit them. 2 have the same style 580 and 1 has 848 all in pink and then i ordered them from america at 1/2 the price!!!
  • ive said to mine that i would like the colour to be the same but the style, length and material can be diff. my sis is a slim size 12, my h2b's sis is a curvy 14 and his other lil sis is 9 but will be 11 when we get married. im looking forward to seeing their dresses. they have a budget and can only go over if they want to pay for it. lol

  • LCoweyLCowey Posts: 434
    I have 3 BM's. One size 8 but currently trying for a baby (my wedding May 09), one size 18 and currently preggers and the other size 16. I have said they can wear what they like as long as it fits with colour scheme and I will provide nice jewellery and their flowers and stuff so they will still 'look' like bridesmaids!

    Only thing is I need to keep a close eye on one of the , my SIL2B (size 16). She has got a cracking pair of legs (cow!) and wats a rather short dress. I have said I don't mind knee/tea length but she ain't flashing her pins at my wedding
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