did everyone get butterflies when trying on their dress

Does everyone feel that when they try the dress on they want that it is the one? Friends have told me that this has happened to them but i have tried loads of dresses on and found one i really like but it doesnt make me feel wow? i dont know if it is 'the one' Should i keep looking as I'm running out of time?


  • I tried on a few dresses that i thought were the one, but i still wanted to keep looking, when I found the 'real' one i didnt want to take it off and i didnt want to look for anymore after that. I think if you still want to keep looking at dresses then maybe you havnt found 'the one' yet. hope this makes sense!! xxx
  • craftycharlicraftycharli Posts: 3,175
    When I first tried my dress on I had just gone to the shop by myself cos my mum couldn't travel for another trying session so I went by myself and then if I found anythign we would arrange for her to come and see it. I tried on quite a few in this shop which were nice but nothing more. When I put this one on it made me smile more than the others had but that was it. I told my mum about it and she came to see it a few weeks later, of course she had not been to that shop before so while we were waiting she was looking on the racks saying 'oh this one's nice' and i kept sayign lets try the one we came to see first. I put it on and again it really made me smile and my mum liked it too and she again said 'I haven't seen you in these others though so why not try some' and it was then that I thought no I don't want to try on any others this one is just right! Then each time I went for a fitting I loved it more. But no I didn't have butterflies or start crying I just felt comfy and liked it and thought about it more than the others - buy the day though I LOVED IT!! I think it is different for everyone - how close is your date if you are 'running out of time'?
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    I felt the same as craftycharli, I didn't get butterflies, but if felt fab on, and I didn't want to take it off!! I don't think you necessarily get 'that feeling' - everyone is different. When is your wedding?
  • HarrietPenguinHarrietPenguin Posts: 5,848
    When i went I tried 4 or 5 before I got to the one I finally bought -I knew I loved it but my Mum and MIL weren't convinced. I tried loads more on including some hideous ones to keep the lady happy (!) and got to another that was beautiful. M and MIL were in raptures about it but the lady took one look at my face and said "it's not the one, I can tell". We went back to the other one and as soon as I put it one M and MIL said you're right, that's it. Got a veil and tiara on as well. Took one look, pointed at the mirror and shouted "princess!!!!". That's how it made me feel. Then MIL cried!

    Everyone feels different but I think everyone "feels" something. I knew the first one was right but couldn't tell until a close second had been tried.

  • lausiepooslausiepoos Posts: 148
    When I was trying dresses on I was just being really practical about it; which one makes me look the best, will it be too hot, is the train too long etc. Definitely no butterflies which was a bit disappointing!! Although I did feel great when I put the veil on, a bit like penguin, I certainly sisn't think it was the one. But 2 weeks on there is one which I've been dreaming about a lot and started calling my dress!!! Seems to me I should get on with it and order....
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    I knew it was the one. I didnt get butterflies but i did look at myself in the mirror and though, cor blimey you are a stunner. ha ha. I have never in my life found myself attractive, except this once. I knew it was the dress that was for me x x
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