Alfred Angelo 1136 Vs Maggie Sottero Michelle

I have loved Alfred Angelo dress 1136 ever since I first saw it in a magazine. I tried on a dress in a local bridal shop which I thought was this same dress and fell in love with it all over again. I have recently discovered however that the dress is actually Maggie Sottero's Michelle!! I did wonder how the price could be so low!!! When you compare the two on their websites I think the Alfred Angelo version looks much nicer but in the flesh I'm still convinced the Maggie Sottero one looks identical. Has anyone tried on both of these dresses and noticed a big difference?? My gut feeling is that I love the Maggie Sottero version and it is within by budget so I should order it, but I was so disappointed when I saw the picture on the website!!! xx


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    There is someone selling 'Michelle' on ebay and she has some pics of her in it which I always think help when looking at other brides, I think these are both identical although Michelle has more beading down the corset I believe and I think the AA is cheaper depending on whether you choose the better beads on the Maggie dress but personally I think they are the same xx
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    They are both gorgeous and very similar but i think slightly different. In fact it looks like Benjamin Roberts 705, which my friend wore to her wedding last year.
  • I have tried on both.

    They are both gorgeous dresses but I opted for the Alfred Angelo.

    The only difference I could see was that the Michelle has a bodice which is cut straight across and the AA1136's bodice is more of a sweetheart style bodice. This was more flattering to me as I am only 4ft 11??????? and the lady in the shop pointed out that when you wear a straight across bodice as a shorter bride the gap between the hollow of your neck and the top of the bodice is quite small so it makes you look shorter. As you have the slight dip in a sweetheart neckline it makes you look just a little bit taller.

    The Michelle comes in two versions. A glass beaded version which even though is still sparkly isn't as sparkly as the swavorski crystal version which absolutely shimmers and shines. However there is a massive difference in the price - I was quoted £750 for the beaded version and £1350 for the swavorski version.

    The AA1136 only comes in the one version and sparkles just as much as the more expensive version of the Michelle dress. If you look at the pictures in the thread entitled ???????FAO Smiley Shazza or anyone else who has ordered from Just Pretty Bridals??????? you will be able to see just how sparkly it is in real life. The AA1136 is £799 at most stores as that is the RRP however I have ordered mine from the US and paid £300 including shipping costs. It is due to arrive anytime now and I can't wait.

    Personally even though I loved the Michelle it felt quite heavy when I tried it on whereas the 1136 didn't feel heavy at all. I also felt that the 1136 gave me a much better shape, it pulled in my waist and gave me a lovely subtle and natural hourglass figure rather than the Michelle which I felt made me look a bit angular.

    They are both beautiful dresses and other than the bodice shape I really couldn't see any difference in the two but personally I just felt much more comfortable in the Alfred Angelo.

    Hope that helps x

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    Thank you SO much SmileyShazza!! I'm not sure what to do now but your info is so helpful. I'm 5ft 8" and quite conscious of my height which is maybe why I liked the straight line of the bodice on Michelle. But I didn't realise that it comes in 2 versions...I have only tried on the glass beaded version. I was quoted £695 which is a good price but I'm not sure how much the same shop will quote for the crystals, I'll have to find out. Maybe I should try and try on the AA 1136 so that I can do my own comparison on how both suit my body shape. Thanks again! xx
  • No problem Hannah.

    I reckon it would be a good idea to go and try on both and that way you can see how each one looks on you and which you prefer.

    At one point I was almost certain that I was going to have the crystal version of the Michelle as I found it on the net from the US for £450 which would've been an amazing saving on the £1350 I had been quoted at the shop. Then somebody pointed me in the direction of the 1136 and that was it once I'd tried it on I knew that I wanted that one as I just thought it looked better on me.

    Every dress looks different on each person depending on their height and body shape. I am short and curvy whereas you are a lot taller so maybe the Maggie would look better. If you try them both on at least you can make a decision based on how they look.

    Let us know how you get on and which (if either you decide to choose).

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    I'm having the Maggie Michelle dress so I'm biased, I love it... but try both on and go with whichever one makes u feel the best..
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    I actually spoke to the Maggie HQ about these dresses as I am called 'Michelle' and loved the 'Michelle' dress. It was one of my top ten image

    Anyway.....The 'Michelle' is the original dress and was designed first. It has been one of the most popular maggie designs ever and Alfred Angelo copied it (1136), but with very minor changes to get round the copyright. Maggie then produced the 'Adelaide' to slowly replace 'Michelle' but the 'Michelle' iproved so popular that they have kept it on. All three dresses are very similar and VERY the bling!! I couldn't choose between them! I think they are a clasic and timeless dress. I've gone for a MS limited edition dress. There are no pictures anywhere, so I'm going back in a few weeks to take photos. Now that I've paid my deposit, I'm allowed!! image x
  • SmileyShazza, where did you buy your dress from over the internet?
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    They are both stunning dresses! I wanted to try both on but tried the 1136 on 1st and loved it so much I ordered it there and then! As smiley shazza has said the difference between the two dresses is tiny but that small difference in detail can make a huge difference to how it makes you look and feel.

    I would try on both and see which you prefer. You can find your nearest alfred angelo stockist on the alfred angelo website.
  • fairythalia , have had a look on this website. It looks brill but I feel a bit nervous about ordering my dress over the web. Did you order yours from here?
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    I ended up ordering the Maggie Michelle!! I tried on both dresses and Michelle just suited me better, it was like it was made just for me! I put some photos on here of me in the dress when I ordered it and someone said I had the same dress as them, but it turned out that they had the Alfred Angelo so it just shows how similar they are if people who have ordered one of them still get them muddled up! They are both beautiful and we are all going to look like princesses!!!!

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    Michelle is a lovely dress - I bought my dress yesterday and when I spoke with the assistant she said that Michelle was a very popular one so you must have made a good choice.

    Heres my dress:

    It was the 1st time I tried it on and I just knew it was the one. I forgot to get a picture of myself in it but I'm pretty sure I didn't look like the model in it. :\(

    I'm also 5'8 and have found that unless I wear flat shoes, standard Benjamin Roberts and Dizzie Couture dresses are too short for me. This Maggie dress was the perfect length with big heels


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    the Michelle one is available on preloved at the moment if you dont mind second hand! its size 12. its not mine though, i'm getting married in an alfred angelo oneimage 45 days to go!!

    x x
  • When it comes to both dresses - I tried both on when I was looking and found it incredibly hard to choose between the two.

    Both of the dresses are heavily beaded on the bodice. As far as I can remember there was a slight amount of beading to the Maggie around the back of the bodice. There is some beading on the skirt of the Maggie but I personally felt the beading on the actual dress and skirt (both front and rear) showed up more on the 1136. It's been a while since I tried the Maggie on (February) so am having to go from memory.

    With the Maggie there are two versions - a glass beaded one and a swavorski crystal one. I personally felt that the glass beaded version of the Maggie didn't shine and sparkle as much as the Swavorski crystal one - they held them up next to each other in the shop and the crystal one did shine more but I would never have paid an extra £500 for it which was the difference in price.

    The 1136 is as sparkly as the swavorski crystal version of the Maggie. I personally felt that the boning was better too and more comfortable but that could just be me.

    In the end I opted for the 1136 which I bought from Just Pretty Bridals in New York. Their website is

    I paid $457 for mine through the Just Pretty Ebay store (if you do a google search you should be able to find it). I notice that the prices have gone up though since I ordered my dress back in March so I think I was quite lucky.

    Just Pretty are selling the 1136 through their website for $762.50 which works out at £380.59 - included in that price you get free International shipping (I had to pay an extra $50 for shipping). Plus you also get a free Alfred Angelo bridesmaid dress of your choice at the moment when you order and I think they are doing free custom length now too.

    I cannot praise them highly enough - they are an actual shop based in New York and they are great at answering queries and questions. I emailed them quite a few times asking them stuff and they always replied quickly and in a friendly way.

    My dress was made to order in a standard size, it took 10 weeks to make and then 10 days to be delivered. It was sent from the US via UPS and then Parcel Force delivered it to me. I had to pay £44 customs and import charges when I collected it from the Parcel Force delot.

    I cannot tell you how beautiful it is, it's absolutely perfect. It is even more gorgeous than I remember it to be in the shop.

    I think the best thing to do is try both dresses on - even though they are very similar in style they actually made my body look very different when they were on. I found that the Maggie gave me a more rigid unnatrual shape plus it was a lot heavier - this could be because I am short at 4ft 11" though.

    I chose the 1136 because out of the two it made me feel the best when I had it on. It gave me tiniest waist out of all the dresses I looked at, pulled me in at all the right places and sparkled gorgeously in the light but not so much it looked OTT.

    Hope that helps a bit.

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