Bridal shops charging to get your dress in!!!!!

I have fallen in love with an Alfred Sung dress. A stockist of Alfred Sung near to where i live is saying they want to charge me £15.00 to get that particular dress in for me to try on!! Has anyone else has this happen? Surely either thry are a stockist or they aren't. Its outrageous!!!

Shell x


  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    Try contacting Alfred Sung to see who stocks your dress or ask the shop if you get the £15 back if you place an order for it. Do they want your business or not?
  • missshellukmissshelluk Posts: 574
    I've emailed Alfred Sung to explain the situation and find out if they think its acceptable for their stockists to do this. Im waiting to hear back. You do get the money back if you order the dress but are out of pocket if you don't. I refuse to pay a stockist to get me the style i want, especially as if you decide the dress isnt for you, they get the dress in stock courtesy of me!!!
  • MrsJooMrsJoo Posts: 2,196
    Hi there

    I've fallen in love with a Veromia dress and I can't find it anywhere. One shop is hard at work trying to get the sample from Veromia head office and have mentioned they might charge me £25 if I don't buy anything from them. another shop said they can almost definitely get it in but it will cost me £50, although yes they'll refund me if I buy it!

    Julie xxx

  • TrisaraTrisara Posts: 34
    The first dress I tried on was a Helen Marina dress which the shop had to get in especially for me. The shop told me on the phone that they may have to charge me £30 but this would be discounted if I ordered. On the day they didn't mention this again but offered me £100 off if I ordered that day. Beware of shops that put pressure on you! I had a traumatic day not knowing whether to order that dress before the shop closed that day as £100 off a £1300 dress is a great saving! In the end I did not order the dress - thank goodness. With the hindsight of having tried many other dresses to find out what suits me I found the perfect dress elsewhere. However I was very close to ordering the Helen Marina dress just because I would save the money. I know know that it was indeed a beautiful dress - but sadly not on me! I'd phone around to see if there are any other stockists in the area.
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