Wedding Venue and 0 Discount! (South Farm)

Its way more than we thought it would be - We asked for the 8% fee to be waivered on our Friday wedding in 2016, (They're whacking 8% on seeing as our wedding will be 2016) and they declined. I asked if instead of offering money off, they'd be willing to throw anything in, like toasting drink, hotel room or something? Noooo!

Has anyone else had this here? Do they really not discount AT ALL? Is this usual? Everyone else we've spoken to has knocked a couple of grand off!!



  • I really dont understand what your post is all about?

    Forgive me if I am wrong but what makes you so special from all the other brides that have booked there and paid the price?

    If they have a price thats there price, dont want to pay it look somewhere else.

    They dont owe you squat!

  • I think it's hard when it's that far away, as they know they will fill the date before then. I have haggled my way through my wedding though; best was 50% discount on the catering (saved £1500)! Whoop!

  • JellypigsJellypigs Posts: 12

    Haha blunt! image nothing is different to me of course, and thats not the impression I intended to give, erm, obviously! I was just wondering if anyone else has had any luck getting a discount from them - Perhaps they do offer discount as a hard sell, or perhaps I should stop trying and accept it, I've no idea and thought someone else may have experienced booking thereimage Everywhere else we've looked seem to be throwing discounts left right and centre! 

  • MashiMashi Posts: 25

    Hiya! I'm just wondering whether you have made any progress with the discount since your last post? I am too thinking of booking with South Farm image

  • JellypigsJellypigs Posts: 12

    No budging at all I'm afraid - But I think they're in the position where they really don't have to! Instead we've moved to a Thursday and March off season - Down to £5,000!

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