Does my ideal venue exist?????

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So, I'm marrying my first love, my soul mate, my best friend. The man I dreamed I'd marry. It's our own little love story and I want our day to be perfect.....but I'm already struggling image

I genuinely don't know if we'll find the perfect venue? I feel like I'm demanding too much but surely, there must be "our" venue somewhere?!! 


Does anyone else feel like they're failing at the first hurdle? does anyone else feel like they'll never find their dream place? x


  • Weddin crazyWeddin crazy Posts: 1,744

    You will find it eventually and I'm sure anywhere u pick would be perfect on day anyway! Where abouts are u lookin? Ppl on here might be able to help image 

  • wilson2bwilson2b Posts: 272

    you will be fine. I found it helpful to consider the 'must haves' and then 'would be great ifs' when looking for venues. the high priorities for us was an option to be married outside, about £100 a head and accommodation very close by. It really helped us find the right venue. You may find that helpful, especially as budget can dictate a lot if you need to stick to an amount?

  • Little JulesLittle Jules Posts: 1,538

    Oh I know how you feel. Finding a venue was such a stress! But we persevered - and worked out what the most important things are - and now we have something we are really happy with image you will get there!

  • BexgreenBexgreen Posts: 505

    What is it that your looking for?

  • K8K8 Posts: 60

    Thanks for your replies my lovelies. 


    we are after a rustic barn venue in the south, preferably west sussex, west kent, surrey areas. We'd like to be able to marry there as T doesn't want registry. It would be ideal if there was accommodation for family but I would be happy with just a bridal/honeymoon suite for us two. we have 5k for venue and I was hoping to include the food costs in that too but would be willing to spend more if it was the Right place for us. 


    just to add, we haven't actually physically been to look around anywhere yet but we've looked at lots online to rule out the definite no's. No point in looking at somewhere we can't marry in for example!  X

  • Hello K8!

    How is the wedding venue hunt going?

    I am sure you will find the PERFECT one! There are lots of great venues in west sussex and you can even filter by barn if that's something you are dreaming of. Here is a link to our venue finder to help you out - it will also answer a lot of questions about the venue too so you can start making your list of ones to view! 

    Here you go: 


  • Sweet toothSweet tooth Posts: 165

    My geography is awful so may be miles away from your ideal area but we catered an amazing wedding with work in Suffolk. The wedding and reception was held in a beautiful barn style building then there was a huge house that the couple had also with room for all their guests to stay and they got it for the entire weekend too! What they did was pay for it all and then bill their guests for a room that were staying to lower their costs. I'll try and find the name of the place if it's something that would suit what your after. They also (as of last summer) were not attached to any caterer so you could get someone else in to do It which could save a fortune! Xxx

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