Venues in Suffolk or Norfolk

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I have just got engaged and are thinking about having a Spring wedding in 2015. We have just moved to Norwich so are hoping to have our wedding up here somewhere. We would really like either a barn wedding or ideally a gorgeous space to pitch a tipi. The problem is price! Everything I've looked at so far is between £5,000-£10,000 just to hire land plus the cost of a tipi, which isn't cheap!!

We are new to the area so would love any local tips or ideas that people might have for venues. Any help would be very much appreciated. 

If people also have any advice for local caterers, florists, dress shops, bands etc that would be great!!

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  • Sammy WSammy W Posts: 20

    There are some lovely barns Kings Lynn way Godwick Great Barn is gorgeous and they have the option of using their land for a teepee tent. (Nearer to Fakenham) 

  • RachoHRachoH Posts: 205

    Hi, we wanted the same as you, but found it hard to find cost effective land for a tipi!

    In Suffolk there are loads of lovely barns for weddings which is where we are having ours. What style are you after?

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