Questions for the venue?

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Me and my OH are going to our wedding venue tomorrow to have a chat about what we want on our menu and other bits and pieces.  I want to go prepared with questions and am worried about missing anything out!  I know we can e-mail or call them but I'd like to ask them in person as if it's something that needs visualising it'll be a lot easier.

So far I'm going to ask them..

About the buffet - how much it costs and what type of food etc.
Where will the DJ set up?
About flowers - we have a list from our florist so I want to walk around the place and try to visualise it all.  See what we can save money on by not having (think I got caught up in the moment when I agreed to it all!) etc.
What drinks can we have immediately after the ceremony?
How many songs will we need to choose for the signing of the register?

If you guys can think of anything I'd be really grateful!  I had a huge list in my head about a month or so ago but now can barely remember half!


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    Is this a venue you've already booked? And if so how far off from the wedding are you?  Makes a difference with the kind of questions you might want to ask image

    Off the top of my head, things I've asked about (it's verging on harassment the number of emails I've sent my venue) are:

    Confetti - where can it be thrown and does it need to be biodegradeable

    Lunch for the groom who'll be staying there the night before

    How many seats in each row for the ceremony (I'm really anal...)

    How many people per table

    If you have stuff for centrepieces, it might be worth taking it with you to try out on a table

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    I'd be compelled to ask about the type of clientele they have, as they could potentially complain about the noise? Also what level of privacy will you have, you don't want a shared bar with other hotel guests etc x

  • This is so useful! Covered all of the questions I needed to ask my venue! 

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