Reccommendations for wedding venues near Uxbridge please

Hi, newly engaged and not sure where to start if I'm perfectly honest. 

I'm looking for suggestions for wedding venues for both the ceremony and reception.  I'm based in Uxbridge, Middlesex so would prefer somewhere local to there if possible please. 

Any advice gladly received.


  • gwilltgwillt Posts: 9

    It's an impossible question to answer off the bat and say "this venue would be perfect for you" as you'll find out - everyone and every venue is different.

    My Advice would be to think about the type of wedding you want and ask the big questions, whats your budget, how many people do you want to be there, how much work are you willing to put in to your venue, how personalised do you want it to be etc etc etc. Once you have an answer/idea to these then you'll be able to narrow down venues more effectively.

    The problem with this is you might find it's a bit of a "Chicken and Egg" process and you can't work out your budget until you know your venue, you don't know a guestlist number until you know a venue etc etc etc.

    What we did was start with the budget and list all the costs; venue, food, dress, rings, ceremony, band/dj/entertainment etc etc etc. Once you've got this ballpark, write a list of guests, start with the most important in one list, add in the middle folk (would like to invite but not essential) and those that you're not fussed by either way. Put the two together and you'll be well on your way to a venue.

    Keep in mind that it's likely to be a journey. We were in fairly depth talks with 2 or 3 venues before we eventually found ours. Add in to the mix we are currently in Australia and have had to go through this process without visiting any of them, or even making a single phone call - made it a little stressful, and we still haven't fully sorted the catering.

    Best of luck!

  • MrsBenn2bMrsBenn2b Posts: 84

    Hi. It depends what type of venue you are looking for but here are a few around the uxb area..

    Q Vardis, Cowley

    Denham Grove

    The Watersedge, Cowley

    Buckinghamshire Golf Club

    The Barn Hotel, Ruislip

    Theres quite a lot though within about a 30 min drive. I live in Hillingdon and Im getting married at the Tudor Barn in Burnham.



  • FerrisFerris Posts: 2

    thanks for advice - so many places to choose and I worry that I will choose the wrong one hence why I'm reaching out looking for recommendations.

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