help needed for venue is tsvilli

i was supposed to be getting married at the balcony in zante next aug we had it all confirmed and paid deposit etc now to be told that we have been double booked so can no longer get married there I'm gutted as had my heart set on that venue and family have all booked to stay in tsvilii does anyone know anywhere close that is as good as balcony as I'm gutted?


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    Oh that's awful for you , do you want somewhere that does the ceremony and reception or just one of them , did you use a planner when you booked or did you do it yourself , we are off to Tsilivi in Aug but having our ceremony on Cameo island then just going to anice taverna for a meal . I think there are a lot of places that accommodate weddings but it depends what you are looking for x

  • we booked through thompsons. we looked at cameo island but i have a guest in a wheelchair and small children. we wanted somewhere which did both ceremony and reception. we didn't want to get married in a hotel as we are private people who dont want people around which is why we chose the balcony we have already booked our accommodation and flights. their answer was to have a refund or get married the day before we fly home so gutted x

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    Are you all staying in Tsilivi ? would you consider travelling (we are hiring a coach ) could you email a few wedding planners and tell them what youre looking for and see what they can do was your wedding booked through Thomsons aswell ? could you get a different month or did you want Aug ?x

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    i found a website that has a few locations on it - not hotels - i would demand that thomsons find a suitable venue at their cost since it was their fuck up! - maybe also contact citizens advice to know your rights for this?

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    Did you pay for the venue via thomsons and was it sold as a package? I only ask because if so this applies*BADV015-1111.txt

    I can't remember the exact regulation but my dad has quoted it when tour companies have failed to deliver in the past and the issues get resolved or compensation is offered very quickly!

    Hydro Girl is spot on, it is their screw up they should e offering you suitable alternatives at their cost, I would also ask why the other wedding got priority, to discover if Thomson ever booked the venue on your behalf!

  • we have tried to find out why we were cancelled and not the other couple obviously i dont want them going through what we have our friends and family have all booked to stay in tsvilli so ideally need to get married there. thomson are just offering to refund our money which is useless to us. apparently we have to wait 3 days to see if any other venues have availability! we booked our wedding holiday and flights all at the same time! thank you so much for your replies its really helping just need to sort something because at the moment all my family are going to zante and we have no wedding for them to come to x

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    Who are you dealing with at Thomson, a normal member of staff a customer services person or management? In your shoes I would be talking to the most senior person I could heck I would find out the CEO's / Directors contact details and explain how you are very disappointed Thomoson have done this to you espically because on their wedding website they claim

    Congratulations, you’re engaged! Now the Champagne’s been popped and you’ve shown your ring to the world and his wife, twice, it’s time to plan the details of your big day. And that’s where Thomson Weddings comes in. It’s our job to turn your once upon a time into real time. From destination inspiration and accommodation to photographers and make-up artists, Happily Ever After is signposted from this site

    I have about other issues got the attention of big business via a twitter message to them, as other avenues of communication were failing.

    Maybe a tweet that's hopeful, '@thomsonholidays  wedding venue now not available, hope thomson will pull out all the stops to find a new one for us'

    Honestly the couple of times I have 'complained' to big business via social media I have had a reply in a matter of minutes, after all they want to keep their public reputation squeeky clean.

    They should know offering a just a refund would not be acceptable, nor is a 3 day wait, someone needs a nudge to pull their finger out!

  • just an update still waiting for a response from the wedding team at thompson its now been 3 working days 5 days since i was told my wedding is double booked!! so fed up now i was so excited and now not even looking forward to it, image 

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    Know this probably won't help but would it be worth considering cancelling the whole thing with the travel agent and go to somebody else , they haven't exactly been helpful to you , I think it's appalling the way they have treated you , I've just had a friend of a friend contact me about the legal side of weddings in Greece as they get married in Oct and had no help or advice from the travel agent , hope you can get something sorted soon x

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