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Hi does anyone know of any intimate venues, uk , Ireland or Scotland I'm looking to go with a few people for my wedding . Hopefully stopping over or hire a house and have a nice venue , small ceremony and treat our few guests to go food and accomadation ? 


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    Hi Laura,

    Me and my OH are getting married in the Lake District. Its absolutley beautiful and there are places where you can hire the whole house/hotel.


    Katie x

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    the lodge at loch lomond is a little treehouse, otherwise there are loads in scotland, since you can get married anywhere in scotland - outdoors or indoors it opens up choices

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    I was going to say Lake District as well as that's where I live & hence have looked at a long list of venues, with a lot of them being small hotels/houses with exclusive use.

    What about Gilpin Lake House, or Holbeck Ghyll, or Morland Hall?

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    My friend hired a cottage near Hereford - got married at the local registry office then went back to the cottage, had caterers in etc.  May be something to consider? image

  • Hi

  • Hi ladies

    thanks for all the help can I ask where in Hereford that sounds good and fairly local ? Did he have many people ?

    the lakes aswell I did look at this maybe the giplin didn't do weddings and I did love holbeck but would probably have to just have the ceremony then maybe hire a cottage to go back to after as I couldn't afford the full hire image 

    and ill have to browse the treehouse 

    its so hard all this wedding stuff I'm not a big white wedding girl but I do believe in marriage and the whole day . Plus with a few family issues ill have to keep it small and sweet with my nearest and dearest and just have a good day an with less people really treat them all .



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    Laura, this was the cottage:

    It's in Monnington I think...? If that's a place..?  There's some other lovely looking ones on that website as well image Oh and they had 18 staying there.  I believe the owners recommended a few caterers to them as well.

  • Wow great thanks ill have a look . Could be a good option as alot of hotels do the actual small ceremony's and a meal but its nice to continue with drinks somewhere after image 

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    try and owners direct for looking for places to hire out

  • Laura this is a great website to check out, has lots of Herefordshire wedding venues. 

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