Cripps Barn

Hi everyone.  Are any of you having, or been to, a small wedding at Cripps Barn?  I haven't managed to find exactly what I want (pubs don't seem to be quite big enough) so Cripps has become one of my possibles, but I'm worried it's too big.  I would ideally like around 60 guests (with more in the evening) but don't want to feel we are lost in the venue.


  • wilson2bwilson2b Posts: 272

    Ah I've never been to cripps barn but love it as a wedding venue. Have you been to visit?

  • It's so beautiful!  I was going to visit but we decided it was out of our budget for the numbers we wanted. However, a friend had a smaller wedding there and it was perfect image

  • MrsMacca2013MrsMacca2013 Posts: 854

    I went to a wedding there last year and it was amazing! Cozy ceremony room, separate reception area and a fire pit with marshmallows at night. I loved it! Think she had around 100 guests image

  • missmousemissmouse Posts: 23

    My numbers are similar to yours and I'm getting married at Cripps, I don't think the guests will feel lost at all! The ceremony room isn't huge, and the dining room can be laid out with long tables which take up more room, and you can have a sofa area in there too near the bar so there isn't any empty space image

  • Shells7Shells7 Posts: 14

    Thank you all, that does put my mind at rest.  I promised myself this wouldn't be stressful and I am failing miserably! image

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