Beautiful venue for the ceremony?


i am hoping you can help image

we are looking for a beautiful venue to have the ceremony at. We would ideally like to just have the ceremony there and move on to a pub/another place to have a meal & party. We don't want to spend a lot. We are struggling to find somewhere that is happy with us just having the ceremony. Can anyone recommend somewhere? not too keen on huge hotels etc somewhere beautiful and intimate would be ideal.

we are focusing on Beds, Hert & Bucks but will of course consider anywhere image

if anyone can also recommend somewhere for the reception, that would be excellent but at the moment we are just focused on the ceremony image


thanks image


  • herstoryherstory Posts: 1,268

    I think you can do just the ceremony at horwood house, not sure if where we got married would as they just do one wedding per day, highgate house but that's Northampton.

    Why not get the official list of approved venues from the registrars offices local to the areas your considering and send all the venues an email, just put all there emails in the bc, blind copy box image


  • HannahEWHannahEW Posts: 171

    We're getting married here in January: It's gorgeous and really intimate and relaxed, which we love. Might be worth asking if they'll do just the ceremony? Good luck with the search! x

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