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Hello All,


I am looking for some advice, we booked our venue (Dorney Court in Windsor) for the 15th August 2015. I have tried to book a registrar today through Buckinghamshire Council and have been told the only time they have available is 11.30 or 5, both times are either too early (as we will have to pay extra for the venue) or too late. Is there any other other way we can get the time we want, between 1-2.30? 

Any help or advice is welcome..... (before i go bald hahahaha)




  • Cattyf123Cattyf123 Posts: 43

    Hi Callie,

    As Littlemiss has said, you can only have the registrar from the particular registry office.

    I dont know if it helps, but the majority venues we have spoken to said that after setting a date, you are given a two week period in they hold the date in order for you to get the registrar etc sorted.  Did you pay the deposit or are they just holding the date for you it for you while you get this sorted?  xx

  • Sally3Sally3 Posts: 380

    When we booked our registrar for our wedding this December, we were originally told that only  12 pm or 4 pm slots were available & we really wanted 2 pm. However they told us that basically as soon as the other times slots got fully booked up, they opened up another team of registrars for the day and would start taking bookings again for all three times. So they booked us provisionally for 4 pm but put us on the waiting list for 2 pm & it was only a couple of weeks before they rang us to say the 2 pm slot had now been opened up. It basically depends on how popular the day is & how many teams of people they have and can use.. I would ask them if I was you.

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