Barn or Country Pub?

Hi all - after searching for a reception venue since getting engaged last summer, I am now torn between two venues. We are getting married in July 2016 and will have approx 50 guests for the day and an additional 25 in the eve.

The first is a really quirky country pub  - it is sort of like a little boutique hotel and although the pub part is open to the public, we would have the other areas to ourselves and would prob take all of the rooms. A concern about this venue is the lack of outdoor space although we could probably have the majority of our pics taken outside the church...Plus points include being able to stay on site, the fact that it really is quite unusual and is somewhere that we can visit again after our wedding. The food is really good too and the wedding coordinator really knows her stuff - she has been fantastic so far. We would have very little setting up to do beforehand....

The other venue is an Oast/Barn based on a local farm. It is located on lovely grounds/woodlands, has good outdoor space for welcome drinks and costs approx. the same as the other venue. Drawbacks are that we can't stay on site and that we can only get in to the venue on the morning of the wedding to decorate. The other venue will do it for us.....

I am sick of going around in circles and really just want to make a decision within the next week. Your thoughts would be much appreciated...



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  • Is there not a venue that you like more? It came across to me that prefer the pub venue. As I felt you gave it few more pros and only one con and the other place you have it 2 cons. 

    In terms of the menus they have to offer, hire cost can you what kind of event you want to have, does that not influence your choice in anyway? 

    Or maybe neither are perfect and you need to continue the search?

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    I agree, in your post it comes across as your leaning more towards the pub venue. Not being able to get into the venue until the morning of the wedding would make it an instant no for me personally, Im a control freak when it comes to my wedding, and would want to do the set up myself, but no that the morning of the wedding will be far too hectic already, without having to worry about that aswell!

    You seem to have already come up with a solution to the only Con you have against the pub, by taking pictures elsewhere, so I say go for that one!

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    I agree with the other two ladies. I feel your mind may already be made up with the pub. It sounds very quaint and lovely. 

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    I aactually hadn't yet viewed the oast/barn when I wrote my original post. Now that I have seen both venues, I know that I definitely want to have my wedding on either of these but am still insure which.

    The barn probsbly requires more work and effort in decorating but we would have it completely exclusively and could all stay at the local gold club after which ispre reasonably priced than thw pub venue.  I am taking my partner to see both venues again as he has only seen the pub and we will then make our decision.

    Would still be iinterested to hear what your preferences would be?


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    Well I am actually getting married in a barn myself next year... So I guess that explains my preferences image haha however we have to do all the decorating etc, but we have exclusivetry for three days so we'll be able to get in earlier. It's a lot of work but half the fun is creating your own wedding set up x

  • I'm also getting married in a barn and love barn venues but from these pictures I think the pub looks really nice image hopefully your hubby to be will have a clear fav so you can made a choice image  

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    Hi Clare

    is the pub The Bell in Ticehurst by any chance? If so, my brother got married there recently (well had his reception there) and it was beautiful. It was a lovely day so a lot of guests gathered outside the front and came In later to dance etc in the main room upstairs.  The room where the breakfast was held was lovely too, where it was so warm the main doors were open making it bright and airy and felt like being on holiday! the bedrooms are all lovely and quirky too! Hope this helps you a bit xx

  • Thanks so much for all of your feedback so far image

  • For myself and my other half we decided on a September wedding and as that is term time for us it had to be a Saturday. My sister in law to be as well as my mother and father in law to be are all teachers, two of my best friends are also teachers and my dad does deliveries for school and can only take annual leave in the school holidays. So for us the only day of the week we wanted was the Saturday. 

    But of course that depends on your friends and families jobs and lifestyles. For some people it doesn't matter as much, my cousin is getting married this Friday myself and my partner was both invited but she has used all her leave for our wedding and works 9-5, Monday to Friday so isn't come. However I work rota base so am able to attend without taking any annual leave.

  • I think we might get away with having a Friday wedding as we are having the wedding in July and the school teachers will already be on hols (they are coming from Ireland and get hols at end of June)....

    If we do go for the barn/oast, I think we would have to have it on the Fri coz I couldn't cope with the stress of decorating it the morning of my wedding or passing on the responsibility to other people.... image xx

  • See that is good image my birthday is in July so didn't want to get married the same month as my birthday and august everyone is always away so september is what we wanted but if your going for July when the schools pack up people can usually make it for a week day wedding image

    good luck to picking one and your have to let us know which one you go for.  

  • Thanks hun - yep will be sure to let you know when we make a decision.

    A Setember wedding will be lovely for you - you will have all summer to plan and look forward to it and Sept can often have lovely weather - not that it matters too much anyway image

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    I really do think the decorating on the morning is a serious factor you need to consider.  My friend got married a few weeks back and she had to decorate the venue herself (my venue are doing it all for me).  They had use of the venue from the day before, so it didn't have to be done on the morning, but we were there for four hours and it was exhausting.  I literally went home and fell asleep straight after, and that was with 10 or so of us decorating and she really didn't have anything excessive (was just the tables really, no bunting or garlands or anything).  I certainly wouldn't want anyone having to do that the morning of my wedding.

  • Thanks Spam88 for more good advice image

  • Were you concerned about having outdoor space for pictures or for your guests? Pashley Manor gardens is only a 5 min drive away - they have lovely grounds you could nip off to for some pics with your husband if you wanted to? Just a suggestion image

    I agree with everyone about needing time to decorate before the day of the wedding, it would be way to stressful on the day itself I think. 

  • Thanks for the tip EmilyRose - I have heard of Pashley Manor but have never been there. That could be a great option!!! Will look it up now image x

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