The Bell, Ticehurst (East Sussex) or Swallows Oast?

Hi all - I am torn between two venues and just wondered if any of you know of The Bell in Ticehurt or Swallows Oast, also in Ticehurst?

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on both of the venues. They are very different from eachother but I really like both equally at the moment and they will cost more or less the same.....



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  • Hello,

    I went to a wedding at Swallows Oast (quite a few years ago now) and I really loved it. A friend of a friend also got married there are few months ago, I think its a really lovely venue. I haven't actually been into the Bell but my parents went for a birthday meal there and said it was nice. What is the decor like there? I really like the rustic/barn/beams look which is why I would prefer Swallows Oast!

    How many guests are you having, would accommodation for them be easier at the Bell?


  • Thanks for your reply Emilyrose - I think I am in a lucky position to be torn between two venues. It has taken so long to even get this far. Initially we were hoping to get married in Thailand!

    At the moment, I feel like The Bell may just have the edge for us, particularly as we can have it on a sat, can stay there and the staff will set up the venue on the morning. However I also really like the rustic barn look which Swallows Oast definitely has. Oooh decisions!! xxx

  • Wow that is quite different! What changed your mind about Thailand?

    One thing I did when deciding on venues was to draw up a list of pros and cons. It worked for me! Let me know what you choose or if you start a planning thread image x


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    Hiya Clare

    Myself and my wife were lucky enough to get married at the Bell in April (happy days!).

    As you can tell from just stepping through the doors, it is a special and different venue.

    From the moment we booked it too the day after, we were treated like part of the family and not a single request was to much for these great people.

    If you have any questions that I can help with,I am more than happy to share our experience image


    Hope it helps!



    P.S Bell staff if your reading this, thankyou all for our special day! x


  • Thanks Emilyrose - I have started drawing up a list of pros and cons and will review it with my fiance soon. However I think it is quite likely we will go for The Bellimage

    Dominic - it's lovely to hear from someone who has been married there themselves. I will PM you with  few questions if that's ok Thanks!

  • DominicDominic Posts: 2


    PM all you like, I will see what I can help with

  • Hi Clare

    I had the same dilemma! I went for the Oast in the end, as we are having a summer wedding and the outdoor space was so beautiful. As far as I could tell, the Bell doesnt have any real outside space. I thought it would be perfect for a winter/autumn or even spring wedding - think log fires, cosy pub atmosphere and lovely food, but not so much for a summer one. 

    Depends on the kind of wedding you want I guess, pub or barn...they can be quite different. I'm staying in the rooms at the Bell the night before and night after so almost get the best of both worlds I guess!

  • Oh wow, it's great to find someone in a similar position! I think I have made my decision.... Thanks everyone for your replies image

  • I have shot weddings in Swallows Oast on a number of occasions

    Its a fab venue.

    Best regards


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